3 Common Challenges in the Hydraulics Industry

We are introducing three common problems in the hydraulic business. These problems provide operational risks, necessitating proactive efforts to assure system reliability and lifespan.

  • Fluid Leakage and Contamination: As seals and connections wear out, leaks occur and contaminants enter the system, degrading performance.
  • Hydraulic Downtime: Operational inefficiencies and component failures can cause downtime, demanding appropriate maintenance procedures to reduce disruptions.
  • Component Wear and Maintenance: Continuous stress and exposure to pollutants wear down components, prompting proactive maintenance to avoid downtime and extend system life.

Our Onsite Solutions: Hydraulic Uptime Starts Here​

The BOApod

The BOApod is a complete mobile hydraulic hose repair unit for Diesel Mechanics and Heavy Machinery Operators. 

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The BOAhub

The BOAhub Hydraulic Hose Management System is a mobile app for heavy machine users and for diesel mechanics. This app allows users to select and build hoses, order hydraulic hoses and fittings online, accurately manage inventory, and create job cards on the go.

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People Training & Ongoing Support

BOA provides a diverse range of training and support options tailored to individuals' unique needs. Alongside comprehensive training, BOA extends its assistance to encompass customer and marketing support for those integrating a BOApod into their service offerings.

Hydraulic Hose Repair Training

Workshop Set Up and/or Container Set Up

This personalised and tailored hydraulic workshop has these features. Ready for hassle-free repairs? Set up your own workshop with our support. 

  • Electronic Job Card System and Quality Matched Hose & Fittings
  • Competitive Pricing & Hydraulic Training & Support
  • Inventory Storage System

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Industries That Are Already Saving​ Time & Money

Forestry Industry

The forestry industry relies heavily on hydraulic systems and components to operate efficiently. Forest terrain is rough and demands a lot from machinery – normally resulting in significant wear-and-tear on hydraulic hoses. Watch what the forestry industry says about us

Agriculture Industry

Have you considered repairing your own hydraulic hoses, dramatically saving time and money? we offer the tools and know-how to carry your own hose repairs. Check out our Agri Offers.

Mining & Quarry Industry

Mines and Quarry are typically located in remote areas, and hydraulic machines operate in rough terrain with high-pressure tasks. With the BOApod, they don't have to wait for hose doctors to do their hose repairs. Watch what heavy machinery users say.

Alex and William Logging Review

"We were quite skeptical when we bought it (the BOApod), but it has been life-changing. We run more production with less machines now, purely because of this trailer. There is just no downtime."

TCM Quarries Review

The beauty of it being a trailer (The BOApod) is that anyone could tow it. Its just the useability of it is just great. Being able to just make a hose when you're ready to go. We're not waiting, we just do the hoses, machines are back going. We’re not having to shuffle machines or move another machine in because that one's down. 

Louie ML Contracting Review

In a month, we are spending 25 to 30k. Now, between four and a half to five (thousand) max. It's quite a big saving to be honest. It's made it a lot easier in the fact that the hose is a lot cheaper. Some of them are reasonably long lengths, so it cuts the cost down a lot.

About BOA Hydraulics

We give you the key components required to repair and maintain hydraulic hoses, either for your own business or as another revenue stream. We support the forestry, demolition, mining, quarrying, agriculture, and civil contractors to repair and maintain their hydraulic hoses through an integrated solution,

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Partner with BOA and Grow Your Business. How does partnering with BOA work? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

1. Best Fit To Your Business

We discuss your business and get a better understanding of your operation. We go over how we can help you increase productivity and profitability through the BOA integrated solution. 

2. Your Personalised Solution

Based on your hydraulic machinery, we personalised a stock package including hose, fittings adaptors. Allowing you to be able caters for all your hydraulic hose needs.

3. Approve & Schedule

We send through our proposed quote for approval. On approval we schedule a date to delivery your BOApod facility for onsite training.

4. Set Up & Training

We will deliver your stocked turn-key hose repair and maintenance facility. We provide in-depth onsite training and certification, covering everything within the facility, allowing your team to confidently manufacture hydraulic hoses.

5. Ongoing Support

Ongoing support is provided by BOA to make sure you are getting the best out of your hydraulic hose solution. Whether it is calling the BOA customer service with product questions or needing re-training for new staff, BOA will be right there to support you.

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