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Choose the best hydraulic hose repair unit across Western Australia: Kalgoorlie, Perth, Bunbury, Albany, Geraldton, Wyndham, and more!

We have the right team When you need comprehensive mobile servicing of your hydraulic equipment, hoses, and fittings. With the BOApod, they are able to give quick and reliable hose repair for any heavy machinery. 

Kalgoorlie: 81 Mechanical Services

Kalgoorlie, Western Australia-based. 81 Mechanical Services offers a complete service including hydraulic mechanic repairs, hose assemblies, and hose fittings for all types of hydraulic systems. 

Perth: MOA Heavy Diesel

Perth, Western Australia based. MOA Heavy Diesel is your expert hose mechanic and drill fitter servicing all of Western Australia.

West Perth: Atkinson Ag Mechanical Pty Ltd

West Perth, Western Australia based. At Atkinson Ag Mechanical Pty Ltd we, specialises in any agricultural heavy machinery. Talk to our professional Service Technician about your farming & agricultural machinery needs.

Perth: Fieldy's Heavy Equipment Services

Perth, Western Australia hose mechanic based. Fieldy's Heavy Equipment Services is your one-stop-shop for any heavy machinery repairs.

Perth: Industrial Diesel Services Pty Ltd

Perth, Western Australia based. Industrial Diesel Services Pty Ltd is your one-stop-shop and hose technician for heavy machinery & hydraulic repairs.

Perth: JL McFadzen Services

Kewdale, Perth-based, JL McFadzen Services is your complete one-stop-shop hydraulic hose repair service for any heavy machinery repairs.

Geraldton: SMS Group WA

Geraldton, Western Australia-based mechanic. SMS Group WA is the leader in fleet service, heavy machinery, and vehicle maintenance.

Armadale-Perth: Goatcher Mechanical

Based in Armadale to Perth, Western Australia. Goatcher Mechanical is an expert hydraulic hose mechanical, a complete one-stop-shop hydraulic hose repair service for any heavy machinery repairs.

Karratha: K.A.T. Services Pty Ltd

Nickol, Karratha, Western Australia based. K.A.T. Services Pty Ltd is your one-stop-shop for heavy machinery repairs.

Nilgen: Hydra Hydraulics

Western Australia-based, Hydra is your one-stop-shop for mechanical & hydraulic repairs.


The BOApod is an all-weather, all-terrain mobile hydraulic repair unit that enables each diesel mechanics to assemble hydraulic hoses anytime and anywhere in Western Australia. It houses high-quality hoses, fittings, crimping machines, and cut-off saw.

Step inside the BOApod

Customer Stories

Precision Hydraulics and Mechanical Story

They've set us up with these trucks (The BOApod) that we have here, three of them. Which they come fully kitted out. But we've also converted them into being able to do everything we do.

Wouldn't really be where I am today without them to be fair. 

Probably working out these just to make hydraulic hoses is probably the best setup I've ever ran. I've worked with a few companies that obviously have their hydraulic hose and fittings but I'd say this is probably top of the line compared to any of that sort of crap that we've ran in the past. Quality of the gear as well, it's all bloody good gear. We’re using their Yokohama hose. We only use two piece fittings as well, just to keep the variety a lot larger. 

Precision Hydraulics and Mechanical

Burson Logging Story

When we got approached by Duncan, probably two years before we actually got this trailer, and back then I was the only guy doing the repairs and some of it was, you know, am I going to have enough time to do this. Yeah, having said that, knowing what I know now and you know you can train one of your boys to do it on-site and stuff like that, yeah we probably really should have done it sooner. If you do the sums and that it's well worth it. 

-Burson Logging

Kalgoorlie Auto Electrical and Mechanical Story

We came to Kalgoorlie seeing the opportunities to grow a little business and branch out from some other businesses we've got going. Service the logistics and heavy haulage and mining industry as well as the drilling industry. 

We've seen the opportunity to take BOA on and provide a service where we can go to site and do everything at once. We go out and do cylinders and pumps and that. And we've offered now the services of hosing, being able to minimise downtime for the customer. Cost of getting someone else out there. The BOApod has given us an opportunity to do preventative maintenance. When we see a hose on its way out, we can change that hose, get it sorted for the customer before it gives them any more downtime and causes them any more cost. 

- Kalgoorlie Auto Electrical and Mechanical

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