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When you need of 24-hour hydraulic hose replacement, installations, and assemblies for all hydraulic systems, we are here to help. With the BOApod, our Mobile Hydraulic Hose Repair Unit, our network will help you get back to work faster and safer.

North Island

Our network offers a complete service to hydraulic machinery. This includes hydraulic hose repair anywhere in the North! Choose the right hose technician for you today.

North Island Hose Technician

South Island

Our network offers a complete service to hydraulic machinery. This includes hydraulic hose repair anywhere in the South! Choose the right hose technician for you today.

South Island Hose Technician

Interested To Set-Up a BOApod?

Are you interested in setting up your own complete mobile hydraulic hose repair unit? At BOA, we give you a supported entry into hydraulic hose repairs and easy access to the industry's best suppliers.

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Hydraulic Hose Repair Near Me: The BOAhub App

Find the nearest hydraulic hose repair service in your location with this BOAhub mobile app. Call them today and they'll come to you.

Explore the nearest hose mechanic in your location. Available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free.

Our hydraulic hose repair technicians and diesel mechanics are open 24/7 across the North & South Islands of New Zealand. Access the World's Fastest Hydraulic Hose Repair Network. Let's get in touch.

How Do We Replace your Hydraulic Hose

The state-of-the-art BOApod unit is designed for safety & efficiency.

  1. The hydraulic hose technician will identify the hydraulic hose parts.
  2. They will pick the needed stock from the BOApod to assemble the replacement hose.
  3. Following the same principles used in manufacturing facilities, the hose repairer will replicate the hose.
  4. Check the replacement hose meets all specifications.

Check out the BOApod in action.

Our Onsite Hydraulic Repair Service

Our 4 key pillars for our hydraulic repair service:

  • The BOApod - mobile hydraulic hose repair & maintenance facility. 
  • Hydraulic Products - Quality hose & fittings, hydraulic machinery, and other accessories. 
  • Support - Hydraulic repair training & assistance for your team. 
  • BOAhub - ordering hydraulic supplies and accessories, & inventory management portal.
Can I order hydraulic products online?

Yes, through our easy-to-use BOAhub app. This is a fast and efficient way to order and is simple to use. You can either scan your bar code or search for the product to add to your cart. The app is available on both Apple and Google Play stores and is easy to download and sign up. 

Need assistance? Reach out to our team on NZ 0800 20 20 20 or Au 1800 40 30 40. Or message us on our Facebook, and Instagram.

Once you are set up you are good to go and can keep track of your previous orders for easy reordering. You can also watch our video on how to use the BOAhub app

What They Say About Us

We roughly did 5 hoses a week, and if I was to call the hose doctor I would have lost 3 and a half, to 4 hours, for each hose. As they were major ones which we didn't have replacements on-site. We've got the system from BOA, and within 20 minutes we are up and running. 20 minutes for each hose compared to 4 hours, it's certainly a lifesaver. It is 20 hours at the end of a week, and you can't replace that.. Read the full story of McDougall Logging. - Ray, McDougall Logging

Phone: 0800 20 20 20

Email: Phone: +64 9-579 2103

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