Our People

Simon Boakes

CEO, Director & Integrator of BOA Hydraulics

Simon is a strong dynamic leader and one of BOA's founding Directors. He leads with the strength of character and a visionary plan for growth. With 25 plus years of experience in the machinery industry, building strong teams and culture, he is empowered to lead the fast-growing BOA company.

Every Minute Counts - Reduce Hydraulic Downtime | Simon Boakes, BOA Hydraulics (HarvestTECH 2021)

For Simon, productivity matters, and we want to help more forestry contractors achieve continuous wood flow. Our CEO explains how to reduce downtime on hydraulic machinery at HarvestTECH 2021.

2 years after our first appearance at the event, we give an update on the exciting technology our customers use to take control & turn wasted time back into profit.

Simon Boakes also has a message for heavy mechanics, technicians, and engineers. Watch the full video here.

Through talking to many engineers and heavy mechanics, Simon has found there are two distinct groups - Those that don't offer hydraulic hose services and those that do. From this he draws 2 key points for you to consider;

1. By adding hydraulic hoses, you now offer a full service to your customers. 360degree service. This increases customer loyalty, brings on new customers and strengthens your business.

2. Hydraulic hoses will add a significant revenue to your profits, to your business. 

If you would like to find out more about how you can add a significant revenue stream to your business, please contact us.