Hydraulic Ferrules

Hydraulic Ferrules
Hydraulic Ferrules

Hydraulic Ferrules

Whether you’re on the hunt for one-piece or two-piece hydraulic ferrules in New Zealand or Australia, you’re in the right place. 

Not only do we offer easy-to-use one-piece fittings for those who prefer simplicity, but many other options, as well. Our hydraulic ferrules have ready-matched hydraulic hoses for your convenience and to suit all manner of hydraulic systems. 

What are Hydraulic Ferrules? 

Hydraulic Ferrules are used to assemble any fittings for high-pressured hydraulic hoses. It is widely used in industrial hoses, especially for rubber hydraulic and thermoplastic hoses. Crimping machines are used to assemble Ferrules for permanent connection. 

Ferrules are often made of carbon, stainless steel, brass, and plastic, sometimes coated to avoid corrosion from chemicals. 

It is important to match the right ferrule with the right hose to be able to manufacture the correct hydraulic hose assembly. So, what are the factors you need to consider when choosing the right hydraulic ferrule? 

1. Hose Size  

2. Hose Type  

3. Hose Brand  

Our Hydraulic Ferrules 

1. Rubber Hydraulic Ferrule: To suit R1AT/1SN 1-Wire and R2AT/2SN 2-Wire hose with S-Series fittings. As well as our Multi-Spiral non-skive ferrule to suit ISO/4SP/4SH multi-spiral hose. 

2. Thermoplastic Ferrule: To suit R7 & R8 Thermoplastic Hose 

3. Teflon Bore Ferrule: To suit convoluted and smooth bore Teflon SS Braid Hose 

8 Common Types of Hydraulic Ferrules

1. 00110 Hydraulic hose ferrule is for SAE 100R1AT/EN8531SN. 

2. Ferrule 00110A. The advantage of this model is that the inside is a vertical tooth. When crimping, it can crimp more deeply to achieve better crimping effect.

3. 00210 is for SAE 100R2AT or EN853 2SN hydraulic hoses.

4. 03310 ferrules for one or two wires hoses

5. 00400 ferrule is used for 4SP, 4SH, and R12 

6. Ferrule 00621 is similar in appearance to 00402. But this ferrule is used for 6-layer lubes such as R13 and R15.

7. Ferrule 00TF0 is for SAE 100R14 hydraulic hoses. The interior of this model is toothless and smooth.

8. 00018 ferrule is for R7 R8 Thermoplastic hose.

You can rely on BOA to provide ferrules to suit 1-wire, 2-wire, multi-spiral, thermoplastic and Teflon bore hoses. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with our friendly team.