News 17 Feb 2019

Cost of Fires Felt for years, BOA has savings that can help Forestry Crews

As quoted in the NZ Herald “Forestry Minister Shane Jones said he had been advised the cost of lost production and earnings was estimated to be $2 million a day while a total fire and equipment use ban in the Nelson area prevents forestry crews working outside the fire perimeter, affecting logging, silviculture, sawmills, wood processors and log exports. Up to 30 forestry crews comprising up to 240 workers had been stood down with the cost per crew estimated at about $10,000 a day in wages and overheads.”

For many of these Forestry crews and others around the country whom find themselves with unexpected costs, the chance to make some savings where possible is always a welcome thought. BOA Hydraulics works closely with logging contractors all around the country and the Tasman district is no exception. BOA sees what effect disasters can have on forestry businesses and the surrounding community and are donating along with their customers to the Tasman relief fund. If BOA can help you with savings on your hydraulic repair and maintenance then call us today 0800 20 20 20 or click button below to calculate what your possible savings could be.

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