What We Do

The BOA Hydraulics
Onsite Solution

We offer hydraulic hose repair in New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, & the Pacific Islands.

Our 4 key pillars – BOApod - mobile hydraulic hose repair & maintenance facility. Products - quality hose & fittings. Support - training & assistance for your team. BOAhub - ordering hydraulic supplies and accessories, & inventory management portal.



Service machinery?

BOA Industries

Many primary industries rely on hydraulic machinery to support smooth operations. Forestry, mining, civil, demolition, and quarrying operations face similar challenges when it comes to avoiding downtime for uninterrupted operations. The BOA Hydraulics solution offers the fastest and most effective hydraulic hose repair solution.


Save time & money on downtime and get your machines back up and running in as little as 20 mins for the forestry industry.

Take control of your hydraulic downtime


Keep projects & costs on track with better autonomy, quality, and control for the civil construction and contractors.

Mining & Quarrying

Even in the toughest environment in the mining and quarrying industry, you can eliminate downtime and get machines back up & running quickly!

Add another revenue stream


Undertake your own on-site hydraulic hose repair & maintenance for the agricultural industry.


Here at BOA, we are focused on giving you back control whether you are in New Zealand or Australia, with the tools needed to keep your business moving. The biggest cost to any business is loss of productivity through downtime. Save time and money today. Here’s a better way:

Your Team

BOA will train your team to keep your machines going with repair & preventative maintenance of hydraulic rubber hoses.

Undertake preventative maintenance to avoid costly breakdowns

The Right Tools

We supply premium cutting and crimping machines, along with flexible OEM quality Yokohama hose and fittings.


Do you have customers who need hydraulic hose repair combined with their machinery service? At BOA hydraulics we have the facilities and best hydraulic hoses and tools you need to expand your business when servicing hydraulic machinery.

Opportunities are out there

If you can find other services to offer, do it! Increase your service offering with BOA – its that easy.

We’ve got Opportunity, Lots of Opportunity

Tailored to Suit

We have 3 different set up options to suit your type of business, your location, and your mobile opportunities.