Mobile Hydraulic Hose Repair

We have mobile hydraulic hose repair technicians across Australasia. Access a network of individually owned & operated hydraulic hose repair companies throughout New Zealand and Australia. At BOA, we want to make things easier for you with the use of the BOAhub. This mobile app will help you see the nearest hydraulic hose repair service in your area. Giving you the power to choose the hose doctor that you need any time of the day - a 24-hour hose repair service.

Start choosing the nearest hydraulic hose repair and diesel mechanic in your location.

New Zealand

Choose the nearest and best hydraulic hose technician and diesel mechanic wherever you are in New Zealand!

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Choose the nearest and best hydraulic hose technician wherever you are in Fiji.

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Choose the nearest and best hydraulic hose technician wherever you are in Australia.

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Mobile App: Hydraulic Hose Repair Near Me

This BOAhub mobile app feature gives heavy machinery users the freedom to choose, chat or call the nearest hydraulic hose repair mechanic in their location. Our expert hose mechanics are kitted with a complete mobile hydraulic hose repair unit.

Explore the nearest hose mechanic in your location. Available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free.


How do I contact the hose mechanic?

Simply download the BOAhub app or use our web page to look for the nearest hose mechanic in your location. Once you're able to choose, you can call or chat with them directly.

How Do We Replace your Hydraulic Hose

Here's how we fix your hydraulic hose with the BOApod - our mobile hydraulic hose repair unit.

The state-of-the-art BOApod unit is designed for safety & efficiency.

  1. The hydraulic hose technician will identify the hydraulic hose parts.
  2. They will pick the needed stock from the BOApod to assemble the replacement hose.
  3. Following the same principles used in manufacturing facilities, the hose repairer will replicate the hose.
  4. Check the replacement hose meets all specifications.

Check out the BOApod in action.

Our Onsite Hydraulic Hose Repair Solution

We give heavy machinery and diesel mechanics the right tools, training, and support they need to assemble hoses wherever and whenever. Here are the 4 key pillars for our hydraulic hose repair solution:

  • The BOApod - mobile hydraulic hose repair & maintenance facility. 
  • Hydraulic Products - Quality hose & fittings, hydraulic machinery, and other accessories. 
  • Support - Hydraulic hose repair training & ongoing support for your team. 
  • BOAhub - Inventory ordering & management portal.

We provide all these solutions without being a franchise. Interested? Get in touch with one of our BOA customer service and sales team at 0800 20 20 20 for New Zealand and 1800 40 30 40 for Australia. If you are outside Australasia, please email us at 

Can I order hydraulic products online?

Yes, through our easy-to-use BOAhub app. This is a fast and efficient way to order and is simple to use. You can either scan your bar code or search for the product to add to your cart. 

The app is available on both Apple and Google Play stores and is easy to download and sign up. 

Need assistance? Reach out to our team on NZ 0800 20 20 20 or Au 1800 40 30 40. Or message us on our Facebook, and Instagram.

Once you are set up you are good to go and can keep track of your previous orders for easy reorder. 

Interested in an onsite solution?

Increase your hydraulic uptime onsite by taking control of your hydraulic hose repairs, and start turning wasted time, back into profit. Talk to our friendly team and they'll gladly assist you. Don't worry, there are no strings attached!