BOAhub Hydraulic Hose Management. Inventory Management, Jobbing, Quality Assurance & more! 

The BOAhub Hydraulic Hose Management System is a suite of tools to make hydraulic hose repairs easier.

Driven by customer feedback this platform is like no other in the market. This app allows you to manage and schedule jobs through a Job Card system, scan to reorder, load up assets and assign jobs, create job card reports, and track hoses through a tagging system. Reduce paperwork, keep track of stock, order on the go, and increase efficiency. All with the BOAhub


With just a simple tag, track the entire history of your hose assembly - from components to hose assembler, date to job details. Say goodbye to guesswork and unaccountability. Elevate your hose management with the BOAhub Hydraulic Hose Management System – delivering traceable & transparent hydraulic hose repairs onsite. 

Xero Integration

Cut admin tasks with BOAhub Xero Integration. Seamless integration with Xero for a end-to-end business solution. Coming soon! 

Auto Time Recording

Our latest feature transforms how you log work hours. Simply start & stop the timer on the job card to automatically capture labor time, with multiple users tracking simultaneously. Keep precise records & boost productivity.

Asset Management

With the My Assets feature, you can record faults on the machine and push them to the mechanic in a few clicks.

Hose Tag System

Tag and track your hose lines through a smart tag system. With just a simple tag, track the entire history of your hose assembly - from components to manufacturer, dates, and assets.

Multi Cart Location

This multi-cart location feature allows you to efficiently handle multiple stock locations, assign employees to specific carts, and add products to the cart that correspond to the stock location.


Identify & order hydraulic adaptors or any parts in seconds with the scan to order function. Talk to BOA about getting your parts bins set up with barcoded labels.

Intuitive Hose Maker

Easily create & save digital replicas of your hose assemblies for easy ordering, preventative maintenance, service life tracking and more. Here's how to assemble hoses using the BOAhub.

Custom Set Pricing

Extend custom discounts to select clients and set rates for travel, labour, and crimp fees. Elevate your service, and optimize your profits today. You could use Xero Integration in the app.

Wherever you are

Working across multiple devices and platforms, and the ability to connect multiple logins to one company BOAhub is truly versatile. You can also download and /or email job cards and invoices to your team and customers

Adam Fraser, TCM Quarries BOAhub Review

We are able to restock quickly. We'll just scan for a fitting or we just type in the part number that's on the fitting in the app and add it to the cart and away it goes, it's done.

Terry, TG Hydraulics' BOA Team Testimony

BOA has made it easy and simple to get set up, such as the barcode system, the app - everything is working in our favour. It has been fantastic. 

Customer Review

Robbie, Burson Logging

I use the app (the BOAhub) to reorder, it's pretty good, and makes it pretty easy. You just scan a barcode and you're done. 

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