Hose and Fittings Range

Hydraulic hose and fittings are important when changing your hoses during hydraulic hose repair and maintenance. 

Fortunately, BOA stocks a wide variety of quality and best hydraulic hoses and fittings to get your machinery up and running. 

From hydrualic high pressure hose to low pressure hose range, we can supply the hoses you need including thermoplastic hose, we have you covered. 

Our hydraulic hose brands include the Yokohama hose, a quality OEM flexible hose that has supplied many of the industry’s best, including Hitachi, Kobelco, and Komatsu. We also stock different types of hydraulic fitting 1 piece hosetails, as well as 2 piece hosetails with matched hydraulic ferrules and we have a variety of hydraulic adaptors and quick couplers for various applications. 

Stock up on the required hydraulic hose and fittings for your machinery and prove the benefits of replacing hydraulic hoses with BOA’s quality hose and fitting range. 

The Hose Range

Yokohama Hose

Yokohama Matched System.pdf

Yokohama hose is matched and certified with our hydraulic fittings. Numerous testing is completed at factory level and BOA then does further third party pressure testing to 3x working pressure.

High Pressure Hoses Range

Hose - High Pressure.pdf

Let BOA deliver some of the best high pressure hydraulic hoses, including the unsurpassed quality of the Yokohama hose. Our high pressure hose range is designed for long life and high durability.

Low Pressure Hoses Range

Hose - Low Pressure.pdf

BOA stocks a range of low pressure rubber hosing including pushlock and our range of Silflo rubber multi-purpose hose (RMP) which is ideal for air, oil, water, petrol, diesel and some chemicals.

Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose


Our range of SAE 100R8 thermoplastic hose, available as both standard and non- conductive, is ideal for medium to high pressure applications where thermoplastic is needed.

Our Fittings

Hydraulic Adaptors


BOA’s has one of the biggest ranges of adaptors in New Zealand, manufactured from high quality steel and compatible with OEM.

Hydraulic Ferrules


Our hydraulic one-piece ferrules offer outstanding reliability and a high degree of safety for high-pressure hydraulic hose applications.

Quick Release Couplers

QRC_s (Quick Release Coupler).pdf

The quick release coupler types we supply include poppet, ball, flat face, screw type, push/pull, pressure release, and PBR (transport coupler).

1-Piece Hose Tail Fittings

1-Piece Fittings.pdf

Pre assembled matched hose tail and ferrule, designed for ease of use and to ensure correct and quality hose assembly. Available in K Series (1 & 2 wire) and J Series (multi-spiral) fittings.

2-Piece Hose Tail Fittings

2-Piece Fittings.pdf

BOA stocks supplies of hose tail that can be fitted with a 1 & 2 wire or multi spiral ferrules. These are a very versatile fitting that can be used for either low or high-pressure applications.