Benefits of onsite mobile hydraulic hose repair

The benefits of an onsite mobile hydraulic hose repair helped McDougall Logging eliminate downtime, increased productivity of the staff and heavy machinery, and they are able to take back control of their hydraulic hose repair. Read or watch our interview with McDougall Logging today.

We interviewed McDougall Logging about their experience using the mobile hydraulic hose repair unit. They are one of the pioneers in using the BOApod in the forestry industry. 

One of their problems is they are located in a remote area. Whenever they experience machine downtime, they need to get in touch with hose doctors in Wanganui or Raetihi, then meet them or wait for them for hours.

With the help of the BOApod, they are up and running in 15 minutes and the spare hoses aren't floating around the bottoms of machines getting contaminated and covered in oil. They are no longer reliant on other contractors to come in and in this way, they are able to take care of their downtime themselves.

Watch the full interview here or read the full story here.

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