Mobile Hydraulic Hose Repair and Maintenance Facility, The BOApod

The BOApod is an all-weather, all-terrain mobile unit that enables the user to assemble hydraulic hoses following the same principles used in original manufacturing facilities. 

Whether you are a logging, civil, mining, or agricultural contractor looking for ways to reduce downtime waiting on hydraulic hose repairs, or a hydraulic machinery technician or mechanic, looking to expand your service offering - the BOApod is an innovative facility worth looking at. 

Our mobile hydraulic hose repair units are available in New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the Pacific Islands.


This mobile Hose Repair & maintenance facility is housing European precision Crimping and cut off machinery and matched hose & fittings. Our unique on-site solution for hydraulic hose repair and maintenance, the BOApod, is purpose-built for the onsite, safe, and efficient assembly of hydraulic hoses. Step inside our Virtual Experience now.

Tough, Robust & Lightweight

Built for toughness with a robust chassis to live off-road. Lightweight High-Density Polypropylene & UV-resistant materials with aluminum shelving.

Hose Reel System & Hose Tray

The BOApod has a state-of-the-art hose reel system. It is dust-proof & waterproof to reduce hose contamination and to maintain a clean site.

Underbody Drawer & Toolbox

The BOApod has a huge under-body drawer for all new or used hoses to be stowed and organized, with additional tool storage at the back.

Solar Panel Charging

The BOApod uses safe low voltage to power the machinery, with a built-in Solar Panel on the roof for charging.

Integrated with the BOAhub

The BOApod is integrated tightly with the BOAhub app, a hydraulic hose management system. This app allows you to order online through a scan-to-reorder feature, create Job Cards online & offline, and much more.

Customer Review

Adam Fraser, TCM Quarries

The beauty of it being a trailer (The BOApod) is that anyone could tow it. It's just the usability of it is just great. Being able to just make a hose when you're ready to go. We're not waiting, we just do the hoses, machines are back going. We’re not having to shuffle machines or move another machine in because that one's down. That side of the hose repair is good. 

Customer Review

Nathan Peters, NJP Logging

We don't need to rely on anyone else. It's there, it's on, it's going. Most hoses wouldn't take any longer than sort of half an hour to 45 minutes to replace with the trailer. If we were to drive from here into town it would take us three hours by the time we get the hose made and we're back on site, so probably four hours by the time you get the hose off. You're losing half a day. Everyone can see how beneficial it is to the business. 

Customer Review

Renee, Joblin Engineering

If someone else was considering getting a BOApod I would just say do it, because you have that help and support without being a franchise. We don’t have the rules and limitations that are put on you when you do sign up with a franchise, therefore we are afforded more respect as an independent company ourselves, so essentially you have got nothing to lose, just go for it.

With BOA Hydraulics onsite hose repair, you have a supported entry into hydraulic hose repair and maintenance. With multiple different setup options to suit your type of business, your location, and your mobile opportunities whether you are in New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, or the Pacific Islands.

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Set Up Your Own Mobile Hose Repair

BOA is keen to demonstrate the features and benefits of this innovative state-of-the-art design. Give BOA a call today to organise a virtual call with one of our friendly team. We make it easy with Lease options, flexible payment & finance terms.


Just like the BOApod, this stationary hydraulic hose repair facility has everything you need to carry out hydraulic hose repairs onsite. From a large parts cabinet to a hose reel system for the management of your best hydraulic hose and fittings, this self-contained facility will allow you to minimise downtime onsite.