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Choose the nearest hydraulic hose repair technician across Australia! If you need 24hrs hydraulic hose repair service to replace, install, assemble, or fit a hose, for all types of hydraulic systems, we have the right hose technicians. With the BOApod, they can give quick and reliable hose repair for any heavy machinery. Just give them a call.

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"The quality of hoses are great and I have especially noticed that on the drive motors on the Woodsman’s I’ve got, that they are definitely lasting longer."

Conan, Rotorua Logging Contractor

Frequently Asked Question

Is your hydraulic hose repair 24hrs?

Many of our partners are open 24 hours to repair your hydraulic hoses and heavy machinery. Choose the location you are in then choose the right hose doctor that you need.

Can you tell me more about your service?

We are a company who delivers a hydraulic hose repair solution to those who work around heavy machinery. With no large upfront cost, we find a more cost and time-effective way to manage your hose repair and maintenance using your own staff. We are saving companies time, money & oil, by having an onsite solution to replace hydraulic hoses fast. 

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Why BOA Hydraulics?

One of the benefits of partnering with BOA is our full support for your business. From onsite hydraulic training to a full marketing support package, we are here to assist you! We believe that the key to successful hydraulic hose repair and maintenance is having the right equipment, hose & fittings, workplace training, and ongoing support.


Over 300 BOApod users are eliminating downtime, taking back their control and autonomy, and increasing their profitability and productivity with the World's Fastest Hydraulic Hose Repair Solution. Contact us to learn more. No string attached!