About Us

We are the fastest Hydraulic Repair Service in Australasia.

Our services include hydraulic repair service set-up, replacement, hose assemblies, and supplier of hydraulic hose, fittings, and machinery.

The BOA team is also motivated, innovative, and ready to work with your business.

About BOA Hydraulics

We have spent many years listening to our customers and from this, we have developed an on-site solution that gives customers autonomy and control over their own hydraulic repair & maintenance, using their own staff to cut and crimp the required hose.

BOA Hydraulics has a long history spanning three generations and throughout this time it has transformed and evolved to become a leading supplier of hydraulic crimping and cutting machines, as well as a key supplier of quality matched hydraulic hose and fittings.

At BOA we know that one of the biggest costs to business is loss of productivity through downtime or “time off the tools”. The BOA solution along with the support of the BOA team means that your business can have the tools to get a machine back up and running in 20 mins, Turning wasted time into profit. 

BOA's eye for innovation means we want to give our customers the best and most effective ways to keep their business running, so we are always working to refine our offering to best suit. Our team of dedicated people works hard to meet our customers’ needs and all bring personal & professional experience to the business.

We are here to serve our customers and to be recognized in the hydraulics market for giving businesses back their control and autonomy.

About BOA Hydraulics Heavy Machinery Hose Repair in New Zealand and Australia

Our Hydraulic Repair Service

Eliminate hydraulic downtime on your heavy machinery assets with BOA Hydraulics. We give you the key components required to repair and maintain hydraulic hoses, either for your own business or as another revenue stream.

We support forestry, demolition, mining, quarrying, agriculture, and civil contractors to repair and maintain their own hydraulic hoses through an integrated solution, which includes:

  • The BOApod: a mobile, all-terrain hydraulic hose repair and maintenance facility that enables companies to assemble and replace their own hydraulic hoses onsite.
  • Top-quality hydraulic hose, fittings, and machinery products.
  • Comprehensive hydraulic repair training and support for the safe assembly and replacement of hoses.
  • The BOAhub : Online support for inventory management and scheduled maintenance, plus access to hydraulic hose technicians across New Zealand and Australia.

BOA Hydraulics opened its doors in Auckland in 2018. Now, there are over 100 contractors saving dollars and downtime in Australasia with our integrated solution.

BOA Partners Hydraulic repair service Supplier

Uniflex, DNP, Yokohama, Knott

BOA Hydraulics efforts are supported by a group of highly reputable technology innovators. With an array of valuable experience in hydraulics and product development.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellence, helping customers reduce their hose bills by 40-60%, and reducing their downtime by up to 85%. With world-leading technology and dedicated customer support, companies can rethink and restart their hydraulic hose repair and maintenance model.

📞 NZ: 0800202020

📞 Au:1800403040

📧 sales@boahydraulics.com