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Wairoa Auto Electric, a tiny vehicle repair firm in Northern Wairoa, was started shortly after WWII. Neville Boakes started working for Wairoa car Electric as an apprentice car electrician and spare parts salesperson in 1963. Neville Boakes bought Wairoa Auto Electric in 1987. Dasko Marketing was founded in 1995 as an independent and renowned nationwide distributor of automobile electrical parts.


Dasko was sold to Hellaby Group Ltd in 2014, and United Flexible was bought, both of which represented key milestones in the company's history. With a history extending back to 1963, the Boakes family's direct experience with heavy machinery prepared the way for a thorough awareness of industrial difficulties.

Today, after three generations, their continuing motivation originates from tackling these pain areas, particularly the inefficiencies of old hose maintenance systems, which fuels their vision for a better future.


BOA was born

Inspired by the world's largest snake family, the brand BOA embodies the same core values as the BOA Constrictor. Renowned for its strength, bravery, boldness, and longevity, the BOA Constrictor thrives in the remote wild, characteristics mirrored in BOA's operational ethos.


The BOApod made its debut in November 2019! The world's quickest hydraulic hose repair unit and programme. This cutting-edge mobile hydraulic hose repair facility is transforming hose repairs and is a crucial component of the BOA Solution. Open the doors to expose an innovative, ergonomically built, and user-friendly hose-making environment.


The BOAhub arrives. This multi-platform, multi-device application enables BOApod users to easily manage their inventory. With a can-do-order function, the BOAhub is intimately integrated with the BOApod, making inventory management simple on-site. Stay tuned for a massive roadmap and development that will change the hose replacement market.


BOA Hydraulic launches in Australia in July 2021. With the same requirement for faster hydraulic hose maintenance in Australia, the goal of saving machinery users time and money remained the same. The increased distance between service centers provided an opportunity to improve Hydraulic Uptime™.


In October 2023, BOA Hydraulics introduced our 300th BOApod to the market. Intending to deploying these mobile hydraulic hose repair equipment all over the world, this milestone is only the beginning.

We are also ISO 9001:2015 Certified before the year ended!

2024 and Onwards...

With new capabilities being added to the BOAhub every month, we're investing in this hydraulic hose management system to expand our service offerings. As the world's fastest growing hydraulics firm, keep an eye on the space as we disrupt the status quo through innovation.

BOA Partners 

BOA Hydraulics Partners
BOA Hydraulics efforts are supported by a group of highly reputable technology innovators. With an array of valuable experience in hydraulics and product development.

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