Take control of your Hydraulic Hose Repair & Maintenance

BOA gives you the key components required to repair & maintain hydraulic hoses, either for your own business or as another revenue stream.

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Take a closer look at the 4 pillars of the BOA solution. The right facility with our BOApod,  quality hose & fitting Products , Support & training for your people, and our BOAhub which brings it all together in an online ordering and resource portal.

Customer Stories

Its bit of a no brainer. I know it does have a cost, but the benefits definitely outweigh the cost by miles. Just by being able to make your hose and get going, it keeps everything streamline, so it keeps a continuous wood flow. 

Warren, Black Contracting Ltd
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Even people that haven’t dealt with hosing before have been able to pick it up quite easy. You can just type into the app to get the equivalent code. From there it’s just the crimping side, and that is pretty self-explanatory. The BOApod has everything that you need.

Terry, TG Hydraulics
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Downtime is minimized hugely. The BOApod trailer is right here on the job, so as soon as you blow a hose its 10 minutes and you are back up and running again.

Arnold, McDougall Logging
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