Take control of your Hydraulic Hose Repair & Maintenance

BOA gives you the key components required to repair & maintain hydraulic hoses, either for your own business or as another revenue stream.

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Take a closer look at the 4 pillars of the BOA solution. The right facility with our BOApod,  quality hose & fitting Products , Support & training for your people, and our BOAhub which brings it all together in an online ordering and resource portal.

Customer Stories

Since making the switch to BOA, we have made significant savings in our hydraulic hose costs. Albert and the BOA team were very proactive and hands on with the initial set up of our hose room and have continued to back up their products with excellent and efficient customer service and knowledge.

Tony, Canterbury Logging contractor
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It’s a great working relationship with the team at BOA - We place the order, get what we’ve ordered, on time and at half the cost of using other contractors

Lars, Northland Logging Contractor
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We really appreciate the time Paul at BOA gives us to ensure our service requirements are being met, and his industry experience has helped us with our stock management and layout. The right product is always delivered on time, and nothing is a problem.

Foreman, Power Forklifts
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