Mark Wypynaszko, Owner of Leeuwin Civil Pty Ltd

We were setting up a hose truck with presses, fittings, and hoses, but when a BOA representative visited and showed us their solution, we realized we were on the wrong path. BOA had already perfected what we were trying to create.

I decided we should stop our setup and buy a ready-to-roll trailer from BOA. While you can build something cheaper, the BOApod's quality and ease of use are unmatched. Their system simplifies hose making with a barcode scan, eliminating paperwork and ensuring fittings are reordered instantly, with next-day delivery.

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Troy Coffey, NCJ Earthmoving

We had tried to set it up ourselves with you know going down different streams and buying hydraulic hose crimpers and trying to pick different brands for hoses and stuff like that and we had never really found anything that would actually streamline it and help it. And we would find ourselves, still three, four times a week at least going to the hose doctor to get help with hoses. Flynn come along and had this this trailer behind his car and was like well you probably need one of these then. From then on, it was honestly straight along. We just could see that it was going to streamline everything and we quickly jumped at it and moved into it and no turning back really. 

It’s been a great asset.  

Seriously decreases downtime and helps with asset traceability and our vehicle traceability. And whenever they get on a new machine they just jump straight on the app (The BOAhub), add in what they're doing bit of a pre-start, how urgent they believe it is. You know with the “60 Minutes”, “next day”, “scheduled and for later service”.

 Helps us prioritize what we're doing. 

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Sam Woodhouse, Salmon Earthmoving

It's been good to be able to  have it (The BOApod) on site 24 hours a day. Gets us out of trouble and just the ability to make hoses  on-site where when we need them is a big thing. Obviously too with Yokahama, providing the hose is a good thing for Hitachi excavators. We can have the ability to make a genuine hose when we need it.

It’s been  good, it's got us out of trouble a lot. 

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Aaron Hooley, ADH Diesel

We are so remote as an operator we struggled a little bit with how much stock we would actually need on hand but we've come to a pretty comfortable place now and it's working well. The app that BOA has anyone can pick it up and use it and you're guaranteed to get your stock reordered, your fittings are crimped and measured and that's recorded with each invoice. It's less time for me tracking stock numbers and making sure that everything's been reordered it's all ready to go.  

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Adam Fraser, TCM Quarries

My name's Adam Fraser from TCM Quarries, I'm looking after all the plant and trucks in the maintenance side. 

The beauty of it being a trailer (The BOApod) is that anyone could tow it. Its just the useability of it is just great. Being able to just make a hose when you're ready to go. We're not waiting, we just do the hoses, machines are back going. We’re not having to shuffle machines or move another machine in because that one's down. That side of the hose repair is good. 

I definitely would recommend it, you know. If there are similar companies that are using outside hose fitters or hose repairers, to crunch the numbers, and if it's justifiable then do it. I think it's yeah, it's just so much easier and you know you can make hoses on-site. 

Nathan Peters, NJP Logging

We don't need to rely on anyone else. It's there, it's on, it's going. Most hoses wouldn't take any longer than sort of half an hour to 45 minutes to replace with the trailer. If we were to drive from here into town it would take us three hours by the time we get the hose made and we're back on site, so probably four hours by the time you get the hose off. You're losing half a day. Everyone can see how beneficial it is to the business. 

It’s been awesome. 

Rob Fithall, RC Fithall Testimony

We can just hook onto this trailer, I thought that was a great idea and it’s a well-organized trailer too. Without the trailer, the times we blew a hose, we would easily lose half a day. With our own setup, with our trailer and ute, if we're going out to remove the hose, well, we're already 10 minutes after removing the hose, we've got the new hose made and are putting it back on. The trailer's good, traveling-wise, it brakes well and travels well.

We've got each of us using the app (The BOAhub) on the phone with the new jobbing now, it's worked out well. Instead of using pen and paper with oily hands, we just scan the barcode on there and use what we have and then tell us what we've used and what to order next. The boys love it and we can write names and job cards to the app as well, on that side of it.

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Chad, Kalgoorlie Auto Electrics

The BOApod has given us an opportunity to do preventative maintenance. When we see a hose on its way out, we can change that hose, get it sorted for the customer before it gives them any more downtime and causes them any more cost.

Rob, Kaipara Logging Contractor

I couldn’t believe that it could be 40-60% cheaper, because why would anyone be charging me that much more but it was and that was just on the hose and fittings alone, let along crimping, labour anything like that.

If a machine breaks down and blows a hose, bang within half an hour you’ve got the machine going again, where as to call a hose doctor that’s any where between 1/2 to 3/4 hr away, if their available, your machine is going to be down for 2 hours, so saving on downtime is going to be our biggest benefit.

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Henry, Precision Hydraulics & Mechanical

I suppose the key feature (of the BOApod) would probably be the automatic reels rolling out into the saw there and, mind you, the drawers are pretty good themselves. As well as being all labeled up and bagged as well. Keeps everything nice and tidy and clean, ensuring there's no contamination on any of the gear we work on. So the background support from BOA has been great.

Alex and William Logging

"We were quite skeptical when we bought it (the BOApod), but it has been life-changing. We run more production with less machines now, purely because of this trailer. There is just no downtime."

Robbie, Burson Logging

The old hydraulic hose bill was quite steep. Duncan from BOA approached us and showed us the figures and, yeah, you'd be silly not to. Having it (the BOApod) on-site and that, you're not waiting for someone else while they get their hose repaired. You know, contractors, sometimes they'll be doing jobs for other people, and they'll be flat out. Well, that's not really a problem with us.

I use the app (the BOAhub) to reorder, it's pretty good, makes it pretty easy. You just scan a barcode and you're done. If you do the sums and that, it's well worth it. It's reduced our downtime a lot and saved us a lot of money. 

Justin, JPA Logging

We are always at least an hour from town, like it is a good hour out to here, from town. Now I've got this [BOApod], fully mobile. We blew that hose and if this (The BOApod) wasn't here, then I'd be off into town to get [the hose] it made. 

So it's pretty simple to make a hose. Especially with this being so user-friendly like it's pretty easy just to cut a hose to length, shoot around the other side, get the right fitting and crimp it on, it's pretty, pretty easy. And there's those instructions like the things that help you guide you through. 

It’s got everything in it. 

Good to tow, really good to tow, got a massive breaking system on it. It's a big saving, doing it yourself rather than getting a shop to do it. It's a huge saving actually. 

Louie, ML Contracting

In a month, we are spending 25 to 30k. Now, between four and a half to five (thousand) max. It's quite a big saving to be honest. We're happy as. The trailer (The BOApod) is working for us. In the past when you're busy, you know, you got to wait until they are onsite and it's a bit of a hassle, but now with the trailer, it's easy mate. It's fully equipped from you guys. 

It's made it a lot easier in the fact that the hose is a lot cheaper. Some of them are reasonably long lengths, so it cuts the cost down a lot, because obviously we don't have to pay for the extras of someone driving to site, building it up, and then paying the profit margin on that for them, and all the rest of it. 

Renee, Joblin Engineering

The features of the trailer were one of the reasons we were sold on it, its so much more ergonomic, and being able to walk around the trailer got hoses on one side, which again there’s no lugging or pulling hose around, it’s all remote controlled. I love the solar panel, that is the best idea ever. The fact that it powers our press, it powers the saw, it powers the compressor, we can even charge our laptops on there if we needed to. 

If someone else was considering getting a BOApod I would just say do it, because you have that help and support without being a franchise. We don’t have the rules and limitations that are put on you when you do sign up with a franchise, therefore we are afforded more respect as an independent company ourselves, so essentially you have got nothing to lose, just go for it.

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Dan Davis, MADD Industries QLD Pty Ltd

It is the ease of the one-stop shop. We can be out on a job and we have the all the equipment, tooling, hosing, and parts to do it immediately.

There is no need to wait on a hose guy to turn up, allowing us to get the machine back up and running for the customer as quick as possible. It just eliminates machine and labour downtime. Labour downtime isn’t something tracked like machine downtime, but people are beginning to realise it is a big issue we need to eliminate.

Being the one-stop-shop, it means just one phone call to get the job done.

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Guy Madams, Flow Hydraulics

From day one the support we received from Oscar and the team at BOA was nothing short of amazing… BOA invested a huge amount of time and resources into helping us build our area up into a seriously profitable business in a very short space of time. This meant within 4 months from when we started we were more than happy with the results.   

It is actually very rare to be able to trust a sales rep completely but I have always had complete faith in your honesty and integrity this is a real credit to you and will take you a long way in life I'm sure.

Robbie, Burson Logging

Originally, I was a bit worried that the return wasn’t going to be worth it. But in hindsight, absolutely hundred percent worth it.

The BOApod has everything we need in it. It’s a pleasure to use. We can take it anywhere and we know that we will be able to do the job. Rather than it being a headache, it makes hydraulic hose repair easy and enjoyable. I really enjoy it!

In my opinion, it shouldn’t be a question of whether you should get one. You should get one, absolutely. The fact that now we can do hydraulic hose repairs as a preventative measure as well, not only do we save money when a hose blows, but we save money because we don’t have the downtime.

Warren, Black Contracting Ltd

It's bit of a no-brainer. I know it does have a cost, but the benefits definitely outweigh the cost by miles. Just by being able to make your hose and get going, it keeps everything streamline, so it keeps a continuous wood flow. Because when you have a lot of machines and a lot of outlay you have a lot of cost that comes with it, so if you can reduce the cost and reduce the downtime it makes everything flow. It is another tool in your toolbox that you have, you know, to make your job easier. Watch about Black Contracting Ltd.

Arnold, McDougall Logging

Downtime is minimized hugely. The BOApod trailer is right here on the job, so as soon as you blow a hose it's 10 minutes and you are back up and running again. Watch more about McDougall Logging.

Peter, Fire and Hose

I took delivery of my BOApod yesterday and what a top quality professional product. I am very pleased with the quality and the innovation packed into a compact package. Further to that Oscar has been the epitome of a professional rep. His professionalism and his product knowledge made him a joy to work with. His method of training is easy to grasp and very informative. Despite being a busy man he showed that I was his priority while he was face to face training me.

I very much look forward to working with BOA Hydraulics and I am convinced this collaboration will be beneficial for both of us.

Melissa, Entire Engineering

The service provided by BOA is outstanding- it’s the best service we have ever ever had!

Since purchasing our BOApod we have had nothing but remarkable service. From the smooth delivery of our already sign written BOApod, to the BOA staff setting it up onsite for us.

The support has continued with staff training, meeting new clients with us, regular phone calls and visits to check in. I can’t speak highly enough of the on-going support we have received from BOA. Thanks for making us feel part of your team!

Dan, Alpine Air

Since receiving my BOApod, I have had nothing but great support and service from the BOA Team, when it was delivered the training was exceptional I felt I could hit the ground running.

Since then I have had Paul come up and spend the day with me sourcing customers which has been a great help. I believe the BOApod goes well with my current business of Mobile Automotive A/C Repairs.

Thanks to the BOA Team for all their help and support.

Matt, Gillion Logging

I know for a fact that our hose blow outs, sometimes we were down for 5 hours waiting for the hose. Now it is all here for us, and we can be going again in under an hour, if we have a major blow out. Which is very great.

I've owned the BOA hose kit for the last 18 month. For a start I was a bit unsure about making the purchase. BOA helped me into this setup and I haven't looked back. My hose bill has gone back from $3000 a month, back to around $900. When we service our machines, we replace any hoses that are fatigued, before they go. Our oil has gone back. My foreman is the man on the hoses and he's doing a very good job. We don't have any failures. Very happy with the whole setup.

Jody, JKL

I was falling a tree with a harvester. And the branches down low hooked on the ¾” hose, as it had no room. And as the tree went over, the hose got caught in the tree and the Yokohama hose would have stretched another metre, and it didn’t even blow the fitting. There was another hose beside it, which wasn’t Yokohama, and that one actually blew to bits. And this is happening across the board. Even the ½” hoses on the Ensign grapples, they stretch as well.

Kane, Agrituff

BOA have been amazing and I'm truly grateful to be a part of what feels like a close team. BOA is a very responsive, well-educated, and professional team that works extremely hard to help you and your business achieve. If anyone is looking to get into hydraulics or even to place a BOApod onsite for maintenance repairs I highly recommend that you believe BOA when they say they will make it work for you.

Ray, McDougall Logging

We are quite remote from any hose man, a hour to an hour and a half. We roughly did 5 hoses a week, and if I was to call the hose doctor I would have lost 3 and a half, to 4 hours, for each hose. As they were major ones which we didn't have replacements on-site. We've got the system from BOA, and within 20 minutes we are up and running. 20 minutes for each hose compared to 4 hours, it's certainly a lifesaver. It is 20 hours at the end of a week, and you can't replace that.

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Brad, Woodsy Engineering

We can be here doing our normal, day-to-day engineering job and be able to do these hydraulic hoses at the same time, to prevent any downtime to the contractor. Its awesome to be able to hook this BOApod on and drive out into the forestry to supply a service like hoses as well as our normal service of engineering. This compliments what we do.

Oscar and the team came down to deliver our trailer. We set aside a number of hours to be able to get all my guys upskilled, in all the fittings and products, and everything that is involved in this trailer. I chose to go with BOA because of their long-term support.

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Ron, Taupo Based Logging Contractor

The two areas we save the most is the Uptime of our machines – our machines are going all the time, and that alone is huge. When the machines are broken down, no money. Another place that we do save is in the cost of the hoses, I’m saving up to 50% on some other suppliers, so that’s good for me and good for my pocket! 

Having machines running well without break down delay, “Machine Uptime”, leads to our machines and our people having to work less over hours and increased profit for our business.

Tony, Canterbury Logging contractor

Since making the switch to BOA, we have made significant savings in our hydraulic hose costs. Albert and the BOA team were very proactive and hands on with the initial set up of our hose room and have continued to back up their products with excellent and efficient customer service and knowledge.

Mike, Hireways

I recommend BOA. They have great service; great product. We have been using them for over a year now. Recommend them to everyone.

Foreman, Power Forklifts

We are very impressed with the level of service we receive from Paul McGaveston, and the BOA team. We really appreciate the time Paul gives us to ensure our service requirements are being met, and his industry experience has helped us with our stock management and layout. The right product is always delivered on time, and nothing is a problem. That type of service is invaluable to Power Forklifts. Thank you again.

Conan, Rotorua Logging Contractor

The quality of hoses are great and I have especially noticed that on the drive motors on the Woodsman’s I’ve got, they are definitely lasting longer.

With the BOA Solution “I’m now paying around 65% of what I was paying beforehand and plus I’ve got no call out fee now, so the savings have been significant and it has allowed me to keep an eye on exactly what hoses are blowing and what areas I need to focus on, with how the boys operate the machines. I would recommend this to all other loggers.

Grant, Optimal Forest Harvesting Ltd

We have found especially the downtime has been drastically reduced. We can have a machine up and running within 30- 45 minutes, of it actually happening. And now our bill is about half of what it was previously, when we were using different hose doctors. Just having the BOApod on site, just saves us a heap of money and time.

Terry, TG Hydraulics

BOA has made it easy and simple to get set up, such as the barcode system, the app - everything is working in our favour. It has been fantastic. 

The processes are quite simple, especially with the app and the coding. Even people that haven’t dealt with hosing before have been able to pick it up quite easy. You can just type into the app to get the equivalent code. From there it’s just the crimping side, and that is pretty self-explanatory. The BOApod has everything that you need.

I have no complaints, hence why we are looking at wanting to go ahead with the second one and get it rolling. We appreciate it. Us being a small company. We are keen as to grow and we see massive potential in it.

Lars, Northland Logging Contractor

It’s a great working relationship with the team at BOA - We place the order, get what we’ve ordered, on time and at half the cost of using a hose doctor

Dave, GTT Mechanical

We couldn't be happier with the support we have had from BOA. Albert and Oscar have really got behind our brand. They have helped push what we are up to in the community. The supports awesome, right down to flyers and stickers, and getting involved on social media. We're loving the relationship with BOA. And looking forward to a long one moving forward.

Pete, Kaitaia Logging Contractor

I’d like to thank Albert and BOA for coming up and training us on how to use the Cutting and Crimping machine. We are saving a lot of money doing these hoses and its great now we can do our own.

Hayden, Taupo Logger

I had never made a hose or seen what a press even looked like so BOA came and did a session on fittings and how to make the hoses. Yeah they were great for the training side of things, they followed up with plenty of phone calls to make sure I was on track.

Jordan, JM Engineering & Hydraulics

BOA set us up with this trailer. Help us and financed us into it, getting it up and going, with a monthly fee. They've been very good coming on board. They have done a lot of advertising and getting us all set up on the road, ready to go. It has been really great. They have been coming up and giving us a good push with all our customers, trying to get everyone on board, to get us going. Which is really good and we thank them for that.

The setup with the trailer is very good. It's setup very well. Very easy to us, with the hose saw and the hose reels which is a really brilliant idea. It makes making hoses real simple and easy. It's a lot different to any other product on the market, regarding to other hose companies.

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