Benefits of Having a Workshop Set Up

➤ Setting up a hydraulic repair maintenance workshop offers cost savings and minimized downtime.
➤ It improves efficiency with quicker turnaround times and tailored solutions.
➤ Enhanced equipment lifespan and increased safety are additional benefits.
➤ In-house control ensures quality standards are met consistently.
➤ It provides a competitive advantage and fosters expertise development within the organization.

What We Offer

The BOAhub

The BOAhub is a mobile app designed specifically for hydraulic hose management system, including features like inventory management, scan-to-order and job card management.

Bins and Barcodes

As part of our solution, we deliver parts bin and barcodes, for easy scan-to-reorder using the BOAhub hose Management System.

Product Training and Upskilling

Get your team up and running with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively utilize your hydraulic hose repair and maintenance set-up.

Crimping & Cutting Machinery

BOA supplies German-made Uniflex Crimping & Cutting machinery. From handheld hand pump crimpers to 12V and 240V workshop crimpers.

Fast Shipping

We understand the cost of downtime, so for core stock items, dispatch occurs on the same day if orders are placed before mid-day. 

Personalised Package

A fully customised stock package based on the industry you are in. We ensure you're setup with a good range of hydraulic hose and fittings to get you started.

Hose Tag System

With just a simple tag, track the entire history of your hose assembly - from components to hose assembler, date to job details.

Yokohama Hose

With BOA you have access to top-quality hoses such as Yokohama Hoses and matched fittings. Quality is essential when working in high-pressure environments.


Let's get in touch to learn more on how to set up your own workshop set up.

Our Hydraulic Hose Management System

The BOAhub Hydraulic Hose Management System is a suite of tools to make hydraulic hose repairs easier. This app allows you to manage and schedule jobs through a Job Card system, scan to reorder, load up assets and assign jobs, create job card reports, and track hoses through a tagging system.

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The Workshop Set up is available in New Zealand and Australia