People, Training and Support

As part of our commitment to your business we want to get your team up and running with the tools and ‘know how’ to use your hydraulic hose repair and maintenance set-up. 

A Supported Entry into Hydraulic Hose Repair and Maintenance.

The key to successful hydraulic hose repair and maintenance is the right equipment, hose & fittings, workplace training, and ongoing support. BOA provides it all, leaving nothing and no-body behind.


People Training and Support from BOA can come in many different shapes and sizes. In addition to training, BOA also offers customer and marketing help to those adding a BOApod to their service offering. 

Hydraulic Training

Our team has the skills and ‘know how’ to train you and your team on hydraulic hose assembly following the same principles used in original manufacturing facilities.

Health & Safety

We train our customers using best practice and provide all the recommended safety equipment. We can provide refresher training or new employee training at any time. Customer safety aids are also supplied. 

Product training

With 3 generations of experience and many years in the industry, BOA has the expertise to match the right crimping machines to the chosen application, including the appropriate hose & fittings.  We manage the full set up of your environment.


We sell with confidence in our people, equipment, and inventory and we want you to feel the same. Our dedicated sales support team is here to answer your questions, offer advice and keep you stocked with the right hose and fittings. Don’t hesitate togive us a call.