Hydraulics Hose Repair Customer Reviews

Read our hydraulic hose repair customer reviews from Australia. Explore our Australian Customer Reviews like Definitive Contracting, Mechlog, and MADD Industries, which have recently taken on the World's Fastest Hydraulic Hose Repair Solution. They are now providing a fast and reliable hydraulic hose repair service across Australia. “Being the one-stop-shop, it means just one phone call to get the job done.”

 They have been our customers for over a year and have seen the benefits of having a BOApod to their business.

BOApod Customer Review in Australia

Definitive Contracting 

It's a great solution for anyone who's working around machinery and you know has the opportunity to make hoses because it's another form of Revenue, you're looking after your customers. Keeps them happy and you're reducing downtime. Watch how Adam from Definitive Contracting used the BOApod.

They provide slight support to labor hire, one-off mechanical repairs, auto electrical repairs, they do a lot of welding so they can do hard facing, they've got on-site welding capabilities, and basically, anything the customer needs, they can sort out. All field service, are fully kitted out with field service vehicles.  They also have a seven-ton truck with a crane so they can do on-site track jobs and they have a track press if they need to split tracks to the final drives or anything like that.

Their customers loved the fact that they are a One-Stop shop because they don't have to outsource anything, they can just do it all.

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Mechlog, Mechanised logging in Tasmania

Mechlog, Mechanised logging in Tasmania, BOApod Customer Review

Mechlog, Mechanised logging in Tasmania, BOApod Customer Review

MechLog has taken delivery of their first BOApod this month and are absolutely thrilled with the innovation!!

“We are assembling hoses in no time at all, and doing a hose repair is such a breeze.”

MechLog provides customised timber harvesting systems to plantation forestry across Northern Tasmania and the Green Triangle, South Australia.

In Tasmania, Mechlog has been operating for 27 years and currently runs nine (9) harvesting crews in both softwood and hardwood plantations.

The company utilises modern harvesting equipment which includes a fleet of 50 machines.

The BOApod is currently servicing MechLog’s North Eastern Tasmanian crews. Due to the regional scope of operations, service providers may not always be nearby, leading to downtime while waiting for hose replacements. Fortunately, with the BOApod readily accessible, downtime is significantly reduced. The portability of the BOApod makes it ideal for major services, facilitating preventative maintenance without delay. Built to withstand the rugged terrain of forestry roads, the BOApod is designed to go wherever your operations take you, ensuring uninterrupted workflow

Dan Davis, MADD Industries QLD Pty Ltd

Dan Davis, MADD Industries QLD Pty Ltd
Dan Davis, MADD Industries QLD Pty Ltd

“It is the ease of the one-stop shop,” Davis says. “We can be out on a job and we have all the equipment, tooling, hosing, and parts to do it immediately. There is no need to wait on a hose guy to turn up, allowing us to get the machine back up and running for the customer as quickly as possible. “ Davis says from MADD Industries

With the previous methods of hose replacement, he would have a fitter and operator standing around waiting for a hose, which isn’t a good look for his company. 

“It just eliminates machine and labour downtime. Labour downtime isn’t something tracked like machine downtime, but people are beginning to realise it is a big issue we need to eliminate."

“Being the one-stop-shop, it means just one phone call to get the job done.”

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What is the BOApod?

The BOApod is an all-weather, all-terrain mobile unit that enables the user to assemble hydraulic hoses wherever they are. It contains complete hydraulic hoses, fittings, accessories, a crimping machine, a cut-off saw, and many more.

This mobile hydraulic hose repair unit is available in Australia and New Zealand.

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