Supplying Hydraulic Products in Australasia.

We give you the key components to start your own hydraulic hose repair set-up. A one-stop-shop for any hose repair for any heavy machinery and shop products online.

We are a hydraulic hose supplier across New Zealand and Australia. One of the key pillars of the BOA Hydraulics solution is to provide quality hydraulic products that accompany the BOApod facility. We supply hose and fittings, adaptors, quick-release couplers, crimping machines, and other hose accessories you need wherever you are in Australasia.

We also support forestry, demolition, mining, quarrying, agriculture, and civil contractors to repair and maintain their own hydraulic hoses through an integrated solution.

The BOApod

The BOApod is a mobile Hose Repair & Maintenance unit, that houses the European precision Crimping and Cutting machinery along with all the matched hose & fittings, and all the tools you need. This trailer enables the user to assemble hydraulic hoses following the same principles used in original manufacturing facilities. 

The BOAhub

The BOAhub Hydraulic Hose Management System is a suite of tools to make hydraulic hose repairs easier. This app allows you to manage and schedule jobs through a Job Card system, scan to reorder, load up assets and assign jobs, create job card reports, and track hoses through a tagging system.

Workshop Set Up

Are you considering switching hose suppliers? Our workshop setup comes equipped with an extensive range of top-quality stock, enabling heavy diesel mechanics and heavy equipment operators to enhance their profitability while on-site. Tailored to the hydraulic machinery you service, we personalize a stock package that aligns perfectly with your specific needs. Discover more today

Hose and Fittings

With BOA you have access to top-quality hoses such as Yokohama Hoses and our own matched fittings. As the preferred partner of Yokohama in NZ we know that it is important when working in high-pressure environments, to have hydraulic products that are superior in performance and service life.


BOA supplies a diverse range of hydraulic hose adaptors that exceed international and industry standards with no compromise when it comes to the quality of workmanship. We are also ISO 9001:2015 Certified to ensure quality for our customers

Quick Release Couplers

Our DNP hydraulic quick release couplers are widely compatible with Parker, Faster, Stucchi, Voswinkel, Inteva, Eaton and more. The quick release coupler types we supply include poppet, ball, flat face, screw type, push/pull, pressure release, and PBR (transport coupler).


BOA provides European crimping and cutting machinery for workshop and mobile hydraulic hose repair and maintenance. From huge fixed machines to small handheld devices, BOA has the expertise to match the proper machine and hydraulic products to your needs.


BOA sells a wide range of accessories to help keep your products safe and clean. Some of the useful accessories offered from BOA are spiral wrap guards for your hoses and projectile hose cleaning kits. You may even outfit your team in BOA attire, making you more conspicuous.