A Complete Hydraulic Repair Set up with No Upfront Cost​

With no large upfront cost, we find a more cost and time-effective way to manage the hydraulic hose repair for the civil and earthworks industry. By using your own staff for hose repair, maintenance, and having an onsite solution. 

Civil and Earthwork Industries Eliminating Downtime

"The BOApod gives you an extra revenue stream. You're not just charging man-hours, you've got a product that you're selling as well, which you're making money on. The BOApod allowed us to get the job done quickly and efficiently.  With BOA's support, from a one-man band and we're at nine." 

Complete Field Services, Hamilton NZ

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The service provided by BOA is outstanding- it’s the best service we have ever ever had! Since purchasing our BOApod we have had nothing but remarkable service. From the smooth delivery of our already sign written BOApod, to the BOA staff setting it up onsite for us.

- Melissa, Entire Engineering, Dannevirke, NZ

We are very impressed with the level of service we receive from Paul McGaveston, and the BOA team. We really appreciate the time Paul gives us to ensure our service requirements are being met, and his industry experience has helped us with our stock management and layout. The right product is always delivered on time, and nothing is a problem. Thank you again.

- Foreman, Power Forklifts, Auckland NZ

BOA has made it easy and simple to get set up, such as the barcode system, the app - everything is working in our favour. It has been fantastic. Even people that haven’t dealt with hosing before have been able to pick it up quite easy. From there it’s just the crimping side, and that is pretty self-explanatory. The BOApod has everything that you need.

- Terry, TG Hydraulics, Helensville,New Zealand

From day one the support, we received from Oscar and the team at BOA was nothing short of amazing… BOA invested a huge amount of time and resources into helping us build our area up into a seriously profitable business in a very short space of time. The sales and marketing support we received was everything from business cards and leaflets to sales reps out on the road speaking with potential clients on our behalf. 

Flow HydraulicsTauranga and Bay of Plenty

Your Hydraulic Uptime Starts Here

Currently, most hydraulic machinery owners and operators take a reactive approach to fixing damaged hydraulic hoses. Civil construction and earthworks industry projects are typically located in more populated areas, giving them easy access to local hose technicians. Their budget typically factors in hydraulic hose failure, especially when submitting a bid for large contracts.

The Problem

  • If hydraulic hose repair is budgeted for, and hose doctors are readily available, how could civil contractors improve the productivity of their hydraulic assets?
  • In remote locations, hose doctors are far from the site which can mean steep callout fees and longer wait times. Blown hoses can make machines lose a significant amount of hydraulic oil, negatively impacting the environment.
  • Any hydraulic hose failure results in machine and staff downtime can stall operations and increases the overall costs of the project. 

The Solution

  • Moving away from reactive repairs to the preventative maintenance of hydraulic hoses significantly reduces downtime for machines and crew members. 
  • With the BOApod unit, we aim to make onsite hose replacement 'a breeze'. With its state-of-art design & simple workflow, we are empowering those working around heavy machinery to take control of their hydraulic hose repair. The BOApod is housing the European precision Crimping & Cutting machinery and matched hose & fittings. It is purpose-built for the onsite, safe and efficient assembly of hydraulic hoses.  

A Complete Hydraulic Repair Set up with No Upfront Cost​

BOA's eye for innovation means we want to give our customers the best and most effective ways to keep their business running, so we are always working to refine our offering to best suit. Start managing your own hydraulic hose repair and heavy machinery downtime wherever, and whenever. Get a free demo of the BOApod, no strings attached.