3 Common Hydraulic Challenges: Forestry Industry

First, Hydraulic Leaks & Contamination can cause significant damage if not repaired immediately. Damaged hoses, seals, loose fittings, or damaged cylinders are the common causes. It could also contaminate the hoses and hydraulic liquids with dirt, debris, or water. Second, wear-and-tear on hydraulic hoses. Forest terrain is rough and demands a lot from machinery, which can lead to decreased efficiency and increased maintenance costs. Lastly, in remote locations, hose doctors are far from the site which means costly callout fees and longer waiting times.

Our Onsite Solution for the Forestry Industry

The BOApod: Mobile Hydraulics Hose Repair Unit

At BOA Hydraulics, we developed a complete mobile hydraulic hose repair unit called the BOApod. With the BOApod, we are able to help our clients make onsite hose repair and replacement ‘a breeze’. With its state-of-art-design & simple workflow, we are empowering those people working around heavy machinery to take back control of their hose repairs. 

The BOAhub: Mobile App for the Hydraulics Industry

Keeping track of inventory just got easier with the BOAhub. This new feature is your new best friend onsite.

  • Easy Job Creation onsite to capture inventory used on jobs.
  • Ability to email Job Cards back to the office for invoicing.
  • Inventory used on the job automatically added to the cart ready for reordering.

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People Training and Marketing Support

The key to successful hydraulic hose repair and maintenance is the right equipment, hose & fittings, workplace training, and ongoing support. We provide it all, leaving nothing and nobody behind because your success is our success. Get in touch with our specialists

Do you know the real cost of downtime to your business? Calculate it here

Use our handy Uptime Calculator to quickly see the savings you could make with the BOA Integrated Solution. Here's a simple tutorial on how to use the BOA Hydraulic Uptime Calculator

What Our Customers Are Saying

The forestry industry relies heavily on hydraulic systems and components to operate efficiently. As forestry contractors are mostly paid by the amount of wood they can move, it’s crucial to keep these machines working. Thankfully, operators can now attend to blown hoses quickly and efficiently, getting machines back online in 30 minutes or less

Rob, Kaipara Logging

I couldn’t believe that it could be 40-60% cheaper, because why would anyone be charging me that much more but it was and that was just on the hose and fittings alone, let along crimping, labour anything like that.

If a machine breaks down and blows a hose, bang within half an hour you’ve got the machine going again, where as to call a hose doctor that’s any where between 1/2 to 3/4 hr away, if their available, your machine is going to be down for 2 hours, so saving on downtime is going to be our biggest benefit.

Watch the full story of Kaipara Logging Contractor

Justin, JPA Logging

We are always at least an hour from town, like it is a good hour out to here, from town. Now I've got this [BOApod], fully mobile. We blew that hose and if this (The BOApod) wasn't here, then I'd be off into town to get [the hose] it made. 

So it's pretty simple to make a hose. Especially with this being so user-friendly like it's pretty easy just to cut a hose to length, shoot around the other side, get the right fitting and crimp it on, it's pretty, pretty easy. And there's those instructions like the things that help you guide you through. It’s got everything in it. 

Robbie, Burson Logging

The old hydraulic hose bill was quite steep. Duncan from BOA approached us and showed us the figures and, yeah, you'd be silly not to. Having it (the BOApod) on-site and that, you're not waiting for someone else while they get their hose repaired. You know, contractors, sometimes they'll be doing jobs for other people, and they'll be flat out. Well, that's not really a problem with us.

I use the app (the BOAhub) to reorder, it's pretty good, makes it pretty easy. You just scan a barcode and you're done. If you do the sums and that, it's well worth it. It's reduced our downtime a lot and saved us a lot of money. 

Your Success is Our Success

Start managing your own hydraulic hose repair and heavy machinery downtime wherever, and whenever. Get a free demo of the BOApod, no strings attached.