3 Common Challenges in the Mining Industry

1. Hydraulic equipment experiences ongoing wear and tear, which raises the cost of maintenance and repairs.
2. Mining & quarry activities are inherently risky. Frequently used hydraulic systems might be dangerous if not properly maintained or operated.
3. The use of hydraulic fluids has an impact on the environment. If neglected, it can result in environmental contamination.

Practical Onsite Hydraulic Hose Repair Solution

The BOAhub: Mobile App for the Hydraulics Industry

At the heart of the solution is the BOAhub Hose Management System, an innovative app that is essential to the solution's functionality. The BOAhub app streamlines everything and makes it all operate seamlessly. This app offers inventory management, which ensures that hoses and fittings are reordered.

  • Easy Job Creation onsite to capture inventory used on jobs.
  • Ability to email Job Cards back to the office for invoicing.
  • Inventory used on the job automatically added to the cart ready for reordering.

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The BOApod: Mobile Hydraulics Hose Repair Unit

Next up is the BOApod mobile hydraulic hose repair unit.  This trailer allows for on-site repairs, cutting down on fitter wait times. It can be readily hauled to the spot, allowing for quick hose repairs and efficient machine repairs. Features are:

  • Tough, robust, & lightweight
  • Hose Reel System & quality hydraulic accessories
  • Solar Panel for charging and more

The BOA Container

The BOA Container, a warehouse like container that stores the bulk of the hose and fittings. The BOApod is restocked from here. next is the actual product. The large range of hydraulic hose and fittings we stock across Australia. We have distribution AU wide. Our product is MDG-41 certified. And is rigorously tested inhouse. Our hose and fittings are matched, made for the harsh mining environment.  

People Training and Marketing Support

Our Uniflex endorsed program, gives fitters onsite the tools and know-how to safely assemble hydraulic hose repairs. This training program is delivered by an ISO 9001 certified company. We provide it all, leaving nothing and nobody behind because your success is our success. Get in touch with our specialists

  • Hydraulic Repair Training
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Marketing Support and more

Do you know the real cost of downtime to your business? Calculate it here

Use our handy Uptime Calculator to quickly see the savings you could make with the BOA Integrated Solution. Here's a simple tutorial on how to use the BOA Hydraulic Uptime Calculator

What Our Customer Says

"If you have one of the major machines go down, then it's going to be 3 - 4 hours before you have anyone here to repair it. We took the BOApod with us to do this job because we want to be rapid and ready. We replace the travel hoses and also the swing hoses while we're there. So without the BOApod we wouldn't had that option. Could hope to plan that job later and hope that the hoses wouldn't blow but it takes all of that away, if we're there and ready to" - ADH Diesel

Thankfully, operators can attend to blown hoses quickly and efficiently, getting machines back online in 30 minutes or less.

Louie, ML Contracting

In a month, we are spending 25 to 30k. Now, between four and a half to five (thousand) max. It's quite a big saving to be honest. We're happy as. The trailer (The BOApod) is working for us. In the past when you're busy, you know, you got to wait until they are onsite and it's a bit of a hassle, but now with the trailer, it's easy mate. It's fully equipped from you guys. 

It's made it a lot easier in the fact that the hose is a lot cheaper.

Aaron Hooley, ADH Diesel

We started our journey three or four years ago. Originally, the build of my business was around a One-Stop shop for mechanical repairs so another step in that direction for my business was to be involved with hydraulic hose. 

We are a growing dynamic team and have jumped on board with BOA and we've got the BOApod. This is our second one, supporting the local mine sites. So yeah, I've seen an  ad on social media, and I reached out.

Sam Woodhouse, Salmon Earthmoving

It's been good to be able to have it (The BOApod) on site 24 hours a day. Gets us out of trouble and just the ability to make hoses on-site where when we need them is a big thing.  

We had a situation with a 1900 Excavator; the main pump failed unexpectedly while it was parked near a loaded shot, effectively halting operations in the mine. Fortunately, having the BOApod on site proved invaluable. 

Benefits of Having an Onsite Hydraulic Repairs

1. Minimizes Downtime: Onsite repairs mean equipment can quickly resume operation, reducing downtime.
2. Increases Safety: Immediate repairs onsite enhance safety for personnel and equipment.
3. Cost-Effective Solution: Eliminates transportation costs and prevents larger issues, saving money long-term.

Without the BOA Onsite Solution they would have to have stopped the operation for hours, waiting for a 3rd party contractor to drives miles to come to site and fix the machine. Charging them a lot of money for the repair, as well as the cost of waiting for a hose repair. Also, they would have no visibility on the repairs on that machine.
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Your Success is Our Success

Over 300 BOApod users are eliminating downtime, taking back their control and autonomy, and increasing their profitability and productivity with the World's Fastest Hydraulic Hose Repair Solution. Ask us for a tailored quote for the BOApod Hydraulic Hose Repair Solution. Be part of those mining industries that are saving money, time, and oil. Check out also the Heavy Diesel Mechanics in the Mining Industry.

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