With no large upfront cost, we deliver a cost-effective way to manage your hydraulic hose repair by using existing staff and having an onsite solution. We are saving companies time, money & oil, by having an onsite solution to replace hydraulic hoses fast.

Mining Industry Eliminating Downtime

Since we got the trailer our turnaround time on our hoses is immediate. We have gone from spending 25-30k, to 4-5k in hose repairs. It is worthwhile, honestly. It makes a big difference for us. 

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Louis Nel, Owner of ML Contracting

Your Hydraulic Uptime Starts Here

Mining is a key industry that depends on hydraulic machinery for smooth operations. Miners use a wide range of machinery to excavate and move valuable minerals and ores.

The Problem

  • According to the University of Wollongong Australia, 37% of machine downtime in the mining industry is due to hydraulic hose failure. Downtime is therefore a crippling issue for mining projects and this issue also accumulates steep additional costs for operators. 
  • Mines are typically located in remote areas and hydraulic machines operate in rough terrain with high-pressure tasks. Every minute that precious material isn’t being retrieved and transported is money lost for mines.

The Solution

  • Thankfully, operators can attend to blown hoses quickly and efficiently, getting machines back online in 30 minutes or less
  • Implementing a full hydraulic hose repair and maintenance programme for hydraulic hose repair for the mining industry can therefore reduce costs of operations. 
  • With the BOApod unit, onsite hose replacement becomes 'a breeze'. With its state-of-art design & simple workflow, we are empowering those working around heavy machinery to take control of their hydraulic hose repair. The BOApod is housing the European precision Crimping & Cutting machinery and matched hose & fittings. It is purpose-built for the onsite, safe and efficient assembly of hydraulic hoses.

Your Success is Our Success

Start managing your own hydraulic hose repair and heavy machinery downtime wherever, and whenever. Get a free demo of the BOApod, no strings attached.