First, mining equipment experiences ongoing wear and tear, which raises the cost of maintenance and repairs. The second is that mining activities are inherently risky. Frequently used hydraulic systems might be dangerous if not properly maintained or operated. Thirdly, the use of hydraulic fluids has an impact on the environment. If neglected, it can result in environmental contamination.

Practical Onsite Hydraulic Hose Repair Solution

The BOApod: Mobile Hydraulics Hose Repair Unit

At BOA Hydraulics, we developed a complete mobile hydraulic hose repair unit called the BOApod. With the BOApod, we are able to help our clients make onsite hose repair and replacement ‘a breeze’. With its state-of-art-design & simple workflow, we are empowering those people working around heavy machinery to take back control of their hose repairs. 

The BOAhub: Mobile App for the Hydraulics Industry

Keeping track of inventory just got easier with the BOAhub. This new feature is your new best friend onsite.

  • Easy Job Creation onsite to capture inventory used on jobs.
  • Ability to email Job Cards back to the office for invoicing.
  • Inventory used on the job automatically added to the cart ready for reordering.

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People Training and Marketing Support

The key to successful hydraulic hose repair and maintenance is the right equipment, hose & fittings, workplace training, and ongoing support. We provide it all, leaving nothing and nobody behind because your success is our success. Get in touch with our specialists

Do you know the real cost of downtime to your business? Calculate it here

Use our handy Uptime Calculator to quickly see the savings you could make with the BOA Integrated Solution. Here's a simple tutorial on how to use the BOA Hydraulic Uptime Calculator

What Our Customer Says

According to the University of Wollongong Australia, 37% of machine downtime in the mining industry is due to hydraulic hose failure. Downtime is therefore a crippling issue for mining projects and this issue also accumulates steep additional costs for operators.

Thankfully, operators can attend to blown hoses quickly and efficiently, getting machines back online in 30 minutes or less.

Louie, ML Contracting

In a month, we are spending 25 to 30k. Now, between four and a half to five (thousand) max. It's quite a big saving to be honest. We're happy as. The trailer (The BOApod) is working for us. In the past when you're busy, you know, you got to wait until they are onsite and it's a bit of a hassle, but now with the trailer, it's easy mate. It's fully equipped from you guys. 

It's made it a lot easier in the fact that the hose is a lot cheaper.

Adam, TCM Quarries

The beauty of it being a trailer (The BOApod) is that anyone could tow it. Its just the useability of it is just great. Being able to just make a hose when you're ready to go. We're not waiting, we just do the hoses, machines are back going. We’re not having to shuffle machines or move another machine in because that one's down. That side of the hose repair is good. 

I definitely would recommend it, you know. 

Dan, MADD Industries

It is the ease of the one-stop shop. We can be out on a job and we have the all the equipment, tooling, hosing, and parts to do it immediately.

There is no need to wait on a hose guy to turn up, allowing us to get the machine back up and running for the customer as quick as possible. It just eliminates machine and labour downtime. Labour downtime isn’t something tracked like machine downtime, but people are beginning to realise it is a big issue we need to eliminate.

Your Success is Our Success

Over 200 BOApod users are eliminating downtime, taking back their control and autonomy, and increasing their profitability and productivity with the World's Fastest Hydraulic Hose Repair Solution. Ask us for a tailored quote for the BOApod Hydraulic Hose Repair Solution. Be part of those mining industries that are saving money, time, and oil.

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