The Hydraulics Industry Wins by Embracing Innovation

The hydraulics industry is quickly changing and upgrading. It's a good idea to let the workers on-site to develop the necessary skills and provide excellent insights into machine maintenance and repair with the correct equipment, training, and technology.

Embracing Innovation for the Hydraulics Industry

Innovation is for those who are courageous, devoted, and who think change is necessary even when others don't. This conviction gives rise to concepts, things, and effectiveness. However, you also need to be able to carry out your vision and be adaptable in order to successfully adopt those advances.

We have been keeping an eye on the major industries that BOA works with over the past few years and have been encouraged by the advancements and innovations that have increased productivity, reduced downtime, and upskilled thousands of workers.

Innovation for Forestry Industry

The forestry sector is an excellent illustration of how new technologies and methods enable businesses to reach more remote locations and improve worker health and safety.

Drones have improved forestry management and increased visibility on the job by enabling aerial surveying, data processing, and forestry audits. The accuracy of grapple camera systems has improved, and remote-controlled robots are now more prevalent. In such a forward-thinking business, BOA's hydraulic repairs and maintenance solution was hailed as a positive step toward independence and control over downtime and expenses.

Innovation for Mining and Earthmoving Industry

Mining and earthmoving industries, like forestry, have used technological advancements to improve the efficiency of their operations.

Productivity and safety have seen a welcome improvement thanks to automated machinery that integrates with GPS, 3D machine control systems, and IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), as well as the capability of one driver to run numerous machines at once.

Repairing and maintaining hydraulic hoses is not rocket science, according to BOA, which has a thorough understanding of the forestry, mining, and civil industries. Workers on-site can develop the necessary skills and provide excellent insights into machine maintenance and repair with the correct equipment, training, and technology.

According to BOA Director Simon Boakes, "We've always been rather progressive in that we wanted to find a solution around decreasing productivity and how can we put more money back into hard-working people's pockets."

The Next Big Thing in Hydraulic Hose Repair

We have been following the forestry, mining, and earthmoving industries that BOA works with for the past few years. And we're still pleased by the progress and innovations that helped these industries increase efficiencies, reduced downtime, and up-skilled thousands of people.

Our innovation so far:

  1. The BOApod - Mobile Hydraulic Hose Repair Unit.
  2. The BOAhub - Hydraulic Mobile App & Web Portal.
  3. People Training and Support -  Our hydraulic hose repair training is comprehensible, and with a  nice mix of knowledge and practice.

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