2-Piece Hose Tail Fittings

2 Piece Hydraulic Hosetail
2 Piece Hydraulic Hosetail

2-Piece Hose Tail Fittings

What is 2-Piece HoseTail Fitting? 

Two piece hose fittings are commonly used for critical and exceptionally high pressure applications.  These hose tails are important for providing a powerful assembly between the fitting and hose.

Purpose of 2 piece hose tail fitting?

Using 2 piece hose fittings allows greater flexibility in hose selection and connection including 1SN, 2SN and multi-spiral hoses. Stainless 316 2 piece hose tail is the best choice to avoid corrosion and to have a long service life, especially in chemical and offshore applications.

Usually, this type of hose fitting is used and applied in critical and exceptionally high-pressure environments such as extreme hose vibration and/or pressure surges.

Our Different Types of 2pc Hosetail Fittings 

These hose tails include BSP, JIC, ORFS, Metric, SAE, Komatsu, JIS, Banjo, NPT, UNO, Pressure Washer hose tails, and more. BOA also stocks hose joiners, lifesavers, and flange clamps.  

Choose BOA Hydraulics for a full range of fittings that will suit various applications. We stock two-piece swage fittings for 1-2 wire hoses and 4-6 wire hoses. 

1. BSP or British Standard Pipe: This is commonly used in the industry, usually for gas and water. 

2. JIC Fittings or Joint Industry Council: Commonly used in most fluid power systems and made in nickel alloys, brass, carbon, & stainless steel. 

3. ORFS or O-ring Face Seal: Well designed ORFS provides a reliable seal to avoid leakage. 

4. SAE fittings: This is a straight thread and needs additional O-ring, gasket or sealing surface to form a seal. 

5. Komatsu Fitting: Also Known as the 30° flare and commonly used on Komatsu equipment. 

6. Metric Hose Tails: Metric hydraulic fittings come in a range of standardized thread sizes. These thread sizes are usually available in both a heavy and light series. 

7. JIS Fittings or Japanese Industrial Standard: JIS fittings are typically used as hose adaptors on equipment designed and/or manufactured in Japan and Korea. 

To see the complete list and specifications of our two-piece hose tail fittings, check out our hose tail fitting catalogue or enquire today about BOA’s quality 2-piece hose tail fittings.