Low Pressure Hoses Range

Low Pressure Hydraulic Hose
Low Pressure Hydraulic Hose

Low Pressure Hoses Range

We carry a good range of hydraulic low pressure hoses for your needs.

If you’re in need of low pressure hose or tubing for air, oil, water, diesel, or petrol, we’ve likely got the very thing you need.  

Our hydraulics hose products extends from textile braid hoses, to rubber multi-purpose hoses, fuel hoses, and more. Within our range, you have the option of a variety of hose bore measurements, hose O.D, working pressures and coil sizes. Get in touch with our sales team, or access our full range of low pressure hoses from www.boahub.co.

Types of Low Pressure Hose

  1. Textile Braid Hose: SFR6 - R6
  2. Pressure Hose  Fuel Hose: RFU Fuel Line 
  3. Multi Purpose Hose:RMPBS - Siflo Black Multi-Purpose Hose    

What is Textile Braid Hose  

Textile braid hydraulic hoses are lightweight and flexible for your low-pressure hydraulic applications. They are commonly used to transmit water-based fluids in Hydraulic systems or petroleum-based hydraulic oils, glycol antifreeze solutions, water, diesel fuels and air.   

  1. Application: Very low pressure and low impulse hydraulic lines 20 to 35 bar. Suitable for agricultural, stationary equipment, and hydraulic systems.
  2. Reinforcement: Single fibre braid.
  3. Temperature Range: -40°C to +120°C.

What is a Fuel Hose?

A fuel line is a hose or pipe designed for use in a vehicle fuel system for the transfer of petroleum products under low pressure. 

  1. Tube: Black smooth Nitrile rubber, 30% aromatic content. 
  2. Cover: Black Colour, synthetic fuel, and oil resistance rubber.  
  3. Temperature Range: -35°C to +100°C 

What is Multi-Purpose Hose? 

This cost-effective multi-purpose hose is commonly used for conveying air, water (non-potable), oil,  petroleum, and various chemicals.

  1. Reinforcement: Braided synthetic cord.
  2. Cover: Rubber, wrapped construction, abrasion & weather resistant. 
  3. Temperature Range: -25 °C to 100 °C.

 Get in touch with our friendly Team, or access our full range of low pressure hoses from www.boahub.co.