1-Piece Hose Tail Fittings

1 Piece Hydraulic Hosetail
1 Piece Hydraulic Hosetail

1-Piece Hose Tail Fittings

What is Hose Tail Fittings

Hose Tails are used to attach a hose to another fitting. A jubilee clip or a powerful hose clamp is used to hold the hose to the tail. For your particular needs and purposes, they come in a variety of sizes and materials.

What is 1 Piece Hose Tail Fittings 

1 piece hose fittings have a ferrule that is pre-crimped onto the hose fitting.  

At BOA, our ferrule is pre-crimped to the hose tail for your convenience, thus, there’s no risk of collar misalignment. Additionally, you’ll always have the correct ferrule as it’s permanently attached to the hose tail. 

If you’re on the hunt for high-quality hose tail fittings to suit 1-2 wire braid hose and 4-6- wire hose, then BOA Hydraulics has what you need. 

We offer a full range of hose tail fittings to suit almost every hydraulic application. You'll be able to find anything you require at BOA from BSP, JIC, and ORFS threads, to SAE, Metric, Komatsu, and more. Thanks to BOA Hydraulics’ easy-to-use part numbering system, you can also match your product’s description to find exactly what you’re looking for.  

Our Recommendation for using 1 pc Hosetail Fittings

One-piece hose fittings are good for basic applications and quick assembly. It has a ferrule that is pre-crimped onto the hose fittings, making sure that the collar will not slip out of alignment.

Our 1-piece fittings are matched and certified with our hose range stock. 

Our Different Types of Hose Tail Fittings 

1. BSP or British Standard Pipe: This is commonly used in the industry, usually for gas and water. 

2. JIC Fittings or Joint Industry Council: Commonly used in most fluid power systems and made in nickel alloys, brass, carbon, & stainless steel. 

3. ORFS or O-ring Face Seal: Well-designed ORFS provides a reliable seal to avoid leakage. 

4. SAE fittings: This is a straight thread and needs additional oo-ring, gasket or sealing surface to form a seal. 

5. Komatsu Fitting: Also Known as the 30° flare and commonly used on Komatsu equipments. 

6. Metric Fittings: Metric hydraulic fittings come in a range of standardized thread sizes. These thread sizes are usually available in both a heavy and light series.  

To see the complete list of our one-piece hose tail fittings, check out our catalogue or enquire today about BOA’s quality 1-piece hose tail fittings. 

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