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Hydraulic Fittings Adapters
Hydraulic Fittings Adapters

Hydraulic Adaptors

What is a Hydraulic Adaptor? 

Hydraulic adaptors are used to connect hydraulic hoses and pipes to pumps, valves, hydraulic cylinders, and other parts of the hydraulic system. 

BOA Hydraulics stock an extensive range of hydraulic fittings to suit every variety of hydraulic setups. 

We also simplified the reordering procedure with the help of our BOAhub. Download the app and start using our simple part numbering system to find the size and thread you require. All adaptors and fittings have identification letters and thread types that distinguish between imperial and metric adapter sizes. 

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Our Range of Hydraulic Adaptors 

Straight Hydraulic Adaptors:  

Straight adaptors allow fluid and air to move smoothly and effectively from one part to the next. These adaptors are perfect for connecting pneumatic components that do not need to be joined at an angle. 

45 Degree or 90 Degree Angle Adaptors 

90-degree or 45-degree adaptors are also called Elbow adaptor. These durable fittings are used to connect parts that allow a change in direction. Also available in jump sizes, this type of adaptor is typically used to provide smooth movement in tight spaces and around obstacles. 

Hydraulic Hose Tee Adaptors 

Tee adaptors are used to connect three flow sections in a T-shaped intersection. This design allows fluid flow to be combined or split apart, supporting a smooth and effective fluid transition between three components. 

Cross Fittings 

Cross fittings are also known as four-way fittings. It has four threaded male or female connectors, one inlet and three outlets. These types of fittings are often used where temperature or thermal expansion is not an issue as temperature may change due to their four-way structure.  

Bulkhead Adaptors 

Bulkhead adaptors are used to connect pipes to a tank with unions, tee adaptors, and locknuts. 

Rotary and Swivel Adaptors 

This heavy-duty fitting is designed to connect a coupling and hose to rotate and move without twisting, kinking and excessively bending it. This fitting can help extend the hose life and reduce maintenance needs. 

In addition, we also offer positional adaptors, caps, plugs, nuts and cutting rings, O-rings, and Dowty seals. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to get in touch with our friendly team! 

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