Hose Technician

Choose the best hydraulic hose repair in Queensland! We have the right team When you need comprehensive mobile servicing of your hydraulic equipment, hoses, and fittings. With the BOApod, they are able to give quick and reliable hose repair for any heavy machinery.

ADH Diesel

Cairns, Queensland-based, ADH Diesel specialises in large mining equipment, preventative maintenance servicing, has 24/7 site support, and more.

Ag N Earth Diesel

Longreach, Queensland-based, Ag N Earth Diesel is your one-stop-shop for mechanical & hydraulic repairs.

ATL Diesel Services

Hatton Vale-based, ATL Diesel Services is a Mobile Diesel Mechanic/Diesel Fitter that offers the fastest hose repair across Hatton Vale, Queensland. 

Cmorr Civil Hydraulics

Bundaberg Queensland-based, Cmorr Civil Hydraulics offers a complete hydraulic hose repair service for any civil, agricultural, earthmoving, and contracting firm.

Diggertech Services

Paget, Mackay-based, Diggertech Services provides 24/7 mechanical, hydraulic, auto electrical, and welding repairs on all types of heavy equipment or light vehicles.

Dynamic Equipment Solutions Pty Ltd

Queensland based, Dynamic Equipment Solutions Pty Ltd have the capabilities but are not limited to supplying  mechanical repairs & diagnostic, welding & fabrication, component change and more!

Heavy Maintenance Pty Ltd

Gladstone, QLD based hydraulic hose repair technician. Heavy Maintenance Pty Ltd has the right hose mechanic you need.

Jackson Maintenance Solutions

Ayr, Queensland-based, Jackson Maintenance Solutions provides fully mobile hydraulic hose repair and replacement & on-site servicing and maintenance and more!

JS Diesel Services

Townsville, Queensland-based, JS Diesel provides full onsite repair service and is completely mobile with a fitted-out Isuzu NPS300 service truckmobile.

MADD Industries Qld Pty Ltd

Paget, Queensland-based, MADD Industries Qld Pty Ltd have a team of highly skilled and qualified tradesmen and hose technicians with a combined experience of over 40 years in the industry.

VJ Diesel

Brisbane-based earthmoving repair and maintenance company servicing SEQ region. VJ Diesel provide complete hose repair, hose replacements, installations, and maintenance for the earthmoving industry.

MG Diesel Services

Mackay, Queensland-based, MG Diesel Services are experts hydraulic hose mechanic for any type of heavy machinery for the mining and earthworks industry

JC's Mobile Plant Maintenance

Agnes Water, Queensland-based, JC's Mobile Plant Maintenance is your one-stop-shop for mechanical & hydraulic repairs.

Jetg Pty Ltd

Queensland-based, Jetg Pty Ltd is your one-stop-shop for heavy machinery repairs.

CNC Hoses

Koumala, Queensland-based, CNC Hoses is your complete one-stop-shop hydraulic hose repair service for any heavy machinery repairs.


The BOApod is an all-weather, all-terrain mobile hydraulic repair unit that enables the user to assemble hydraulic hoses anytime, anywhere! It houses high-quality hoses, fittings, crimping machines and cut-off saw.

Step inside the BOApod

Would you like to provide a complete hydraulic hose repair service or set up your own mobile hose repair unit with no upfront cost? Contact us today to learn more. No strings attached!