Hydraulic Hose Protection

Hydraulic Hose Protection fabric sleeves and spiral guards
Hydraulic Hose Protection fabric sleeves and spiral guards

Hydraulic Hose Protection

What is a Hydraulic Hose Protection?

Hose protection is a protective sleeve for any hydraulic hoses. It is the last line of defense in protecting people, the environment from oil spillage, and machinery against hose bursts or leakage. 

Benefits of using a Hose Protection

Continuous movement and machine vibration can cause hoses to rub against each other and surrounding equipment. This can erode hose covers, exposing the reinforcement to dirt and moisture, and causing it to break quickly. 

 To ensure long, reliable performance of hydraulic hoses, it must be protected with hose protection that can with stand abrasion, physical impact, crushing loads, and extreme temperatures.

Our Hose Protection

When it comes to hose protection, BOA has you covered. BOA stocks a variety of fabric sleeves and spiral guards to suit a range of hydraulic hoses. In the fabric sleeve range, 20-metre sleeves are available in 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, and 100mm sizes.

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You can purchase a full range of spiral guards to suit a variety of hydraulic hose sizes through the BOAhub

The BOAhub is a multi-platform, multi-device application that allows you to select and build your own hoses, and order your hydraulic hose and fittings online.

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