Mobile Hydraulic Hose Cut Off Saw

Mobile Hydraulic Hose Cut Off Saw
Mobile Hydraulic Hose Cut Off Saw

Mobile Hydraulic Hose Cut Off Saw

Mobile cutoff saw
Mobile cutoff saw

Mobile Hydraulic Hose Cut Off Saw

Anyone on the hunt for a mobile or portable hydraulic hose-cutting saw is bound to see the value in this machine.  

BOA’s hydraulic hose cut-off saw is produced for remote and mobile situations and is an ideal machine for cutting hydraulic hoses up to 1-1/4-inch multi-spiral. You will also find these Mobile Cut-Off Saw in BOA’s innovative hydraulic hose repair and maintenance facility – the BOApod.  

Available in New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, & the Pacific Islands.

Check out our hose mechanics using this hydraulic hose cutting saw in Australia or New Zealand.

EM3.4-12V Hydraulic Hose Cut Off Saw - 1 1/4" 12volts 

This mobile cutoff saw is powered by a 12-volt power supply and is well-known for producing fast, clean cuts. What’s more, it boasts long-lasting German-quality steel blades and is made in Europe. This energy-efficient, CE-compliant hose cut-off saw may be worth a closer look. 

Ideal for cutting hydraulic hoses up to 1-1/4" multi-spiral mobile or remote situations where a 12-volt power supply is more suited. 

Main Feature of our Hose Cut-Off Saw 

  1. European Made Machine 
  2. Faster and cleaner cuts 
  3. Reduced contamination 
  4. Very compact and ideal for mobile service 
  5. Long lasting German quality steel blades 

Technical Data

• Max Hydraulic Hose: 1-1/4 Multi-Spiral
• Max Outside mm: 60
• Noise Level bBA (approx): 93
• Drive: 12v
• Cutting Blade: TM 250x2x40z
• L*W*H mm: 470 x 567 x 365
• Weight KG: Approx. 29 


✔ CE Compliance 

✔ Approved Cutting Blade 

✔ Energy Efficient 

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