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Pipe Clamps
Pipe Clamps

Pipe Clamps & Accessories

What are Pipe Clamps?

Pipe clamps can be found in a variety of situations, including the home, the workplace, and the outdoors. These clamps are also called 'Pipe Clips'. 

These clamps are circular or semicircular brackets, sometimes incorporating a spring clip or ‘bossed’ system, that fits snugly around the conduit, cables or tubing you’re installing. The clip then screws or bolts (either directly or via a hanger bracket) to whichever wall or surface you’re running the pipe along wood, tiling, plaster or masonry. The tubing is thus held securely in place and supported over the full length of its run, ensuring a reliable and fuss-free mounting solution.

Purpose of Pipe Clips or Pipe Clamps

They are utilized to constrain, secure, and guide tubes or conduits for a variety of plumbing, heating, and electrical applications. 

Order Pipe Clamps Online

It has never been easier than today to order all the parts for hydraulic machinery you need online on our web portal- BOAhub.co. In the single pipe clamp range, BOA stocks sizing from 14mm all the way through to 38mm, designed to suit a variety of hose sizes. You can expect the same convenient variety in the double pipe clamp range, with clamps to suit hoses from 12mm to 25mm. Take control of your ordering today and find your needed pipe clamps at ease through BOA’s ordering app- BOAhub.co.

The BOAhub is a multi-platform, multi-device application that allows you to select and build your own hoses, and order your hydraulic hose and fittings online.

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Let BOA take care of pipe clamps. BOA NZ stocks a variety of pipe saddle clamps, complete single pipe clamps, and complete double pipe clamps.

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