Workshop Hand Pump Hydraulic Hose Crimper

Hand Operated Crimper
Hand Operated Crimper

Workshop Hand Pump Hydraulic Hose Crimper

What is a Workshop Hand Pump Hydraulic Hose Crimper Machine?

A crimping machine, also known as a swage machine, is a tool that joins two pieces of material by misshaping one or both of them, binding them together. Some crimper machines are made with hand pumps. This small and portable machine is driven by manual hydraulic pump and returns mechanically, which greatly reduces the labor intensity. 

What we offer 

Whether you need a backup hand pump crimper or you’re specifically looking for a hand-operated crimper, then look no further than BOA. This hand-operated crimper is a highly mobile, lightweight, and compact tool that you can operate with a hand pump or pneumatic foot pump, supplied by Uniflex Hydraulik GMBH

Available in New Zealand, Australia , and the Pacific Islands.

P18 – Hydraulic Hose Hand Pump Hydraulic Crimper > 1inch 

It weighs just 25kg, which means you can take it with you to various work sites. What’s more, this hand-operated hydraulic hose crimper is delivered with a hand-pump. BOA also is able to provide a pneumatic foot pump as an additional accessory. This hydraulic hose crimper is suitable for hoses up to 1-inch two-wire or 3/4- inch multi-spiral. 

Simple hand pump operation (or pneumatic optional pneumatic foot pump) ideal for smaller hoses up to 1” 2-Wire or as a backup mobile unit.  

Main Features 

• Highly mobile 
• Compact
• Light Weight 

Technical Data 

•  Max Hydraulic Hose*:  1"
•  Master Die Length: 64mm
•  Max Opening: 20mm
•  Control Micro: Dial 
•  L * W * H (mm): 190 x 180 x 310
•  Weight: 25kg 

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