BOAhub is a hydraulic mobile App & Web portal. Inventory ordering and Management made easy! 

Finding the best hydraulic hose technician near your location is now made easy with BOAhub.

The BOAhub is a truly multi-platform, multi-device application that allows you to select and build your own hoses, order your hydraulic hose and fittings online, and accurately manage your inventory to assist with asset management.

Save time and resources by ordering on the go, whether online or offline. We can keep you moving wherever you are, and it's free to download.


This is the first hydraulic hose repair application of its kind, which allows heavy machinery operators to assemble hoses and manage their inventory in no time. You can also access a network of hose technicians in Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea with just a few clicks! 

Find nearest hydraulic hose technician near you

Access the best hydraulic hose repair technicians near your location with just a few clicks! Allowing heavy machinery operators to call & track mobile repairers throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Wherever you are

Working across multiple devices and platforms, and the ability to connect multiple logins to one company BOAhub is truly versatile. You can also download and /or email job cards and invoices to your team and customers

Intuitive Hose Maker

Easily create & save digital replicas of your hose assemblies for easy ordering, preventative maintenance, service life tracking and more. Here's how to assemble hoses using the BOAhub.

Smart Find

Quickly identify the correct fitting or adaptor with Smart Find filters that intelligently step through the identification process.


Identify & order hydraulic adaptors or any parts in seconds with the scan to order function. Talk to BOA about getting your parts bins set up with barcoded labels.

Inventory management

Order, receipt, track and sell inventory all from within BOAhub. The system also records audit trails so you can see exactly what has happened with stock. Here's how to create a job card and how to manage it.

Start using BOAhub today: Assemble hoses and find hydraulic hose repair service near you

It’s easy to get started today by downloading this free App, watch this helpful video for further tips. If you have any trouble our team is on hand to help you through the process. Start seeing the nearest hydraulic hose repair technicians near your location.