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Choose the best hydraulic hose repair unit across South Australia! We have the right hose doctors when you need comprehensive mobile servicing for your hydraulic equipment. With the BOApod, they are able to give quick, reliable, and complete hose repair for any heavy machinery users.

DNA Heavy Diesel

Kangaroo Island, South Australia Based. DNA Heavy Diesel is your one-stop-shop for the mining, farming, and construction machinery.

DNA Heavy Diesel

Cross Heavy Diesel Services

Minlaton, South Australia based, Cross Heavy Diesel Services is your one-stop-shop for heavy machinery repairs.

Minlaton Hose Repair


The BOApod is an all-weather, all-terrain mobile hydraulic repair unit that enables the user to assemble hydraulic hoses anytime, anywhere! It houses high-quality hoses, fittingscrimping machines and cut-off saw.

Step inside the BOApod

Over 200 heavy machinery users are eliminating downtime, taking back their control and autonomy, and increasing their profitability and productivity with the World's Fastest Hydraulic Hose Repair Solution - The BOApod. Contact us to learn more or to request a free demo. No strings attached!

In doubt? Read and watch our customer experiences below.

Alex and William Logging Story

In my opinion, we run more production with less machines now, purely because of this trailer. Look at it like two rapper diggers, because now I only have to run one. And it's just no downtime. None. None. Whatsoever. Only starter motors and run out of fuel. Yeah ??
- Alex and William Logging

ML Contracting Story

Well, you know, since we got the trailer our turnaround time on our hoses is like on the spot, you know, immediately. We don't have to call in somebody, so that helps us a lot. So, our standing time, you know, is maybe half an hour to an hour. It depends on which pipe it is, but yeah, the turnaround time is much faster, and we can go immediately again. 

It's quite a big saving to be honest. We're happy as. The trailer is working for us. In the past when you're busy, you know, you got to wait until they are onsite and it's a bit of a hassle, but now with the trailer, it's easy mate. It's fully equipped from you guys.

ML Contracting

Diesel and Dirt Story

Customers love it because I bring it to every breakdown. They want a hose change that they haven't got or one that's leaking. I've always got it there with me. It's been great for our customers. We just hook up the trailer and off we go. We can help them on the side of the road or wherever they need. It's handy having the trailer because you can hook it up, go to a job, fix the hose instead of pulling the hose off, take him to another repair, and fitting the hose.  

-Diesel and Dirt

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