Workshop Hydraulic Crimping Press

Crimper Type 2
Crimper Type 2

Workshop Hydraulic Crimping Press

What is a Crimping Machine? 

A crimping machine, also known as a swage machine, is a tool that joins two pieces of material by misshaping one or both of them, binding them together. 

Our Workshop Hydraulic Crimping Press Machine 

Quality is key when choosing your Workshop Crimping Press Machine.  That’s why after comprehensive research and trials, we are pleased to partner with Uniflex to bring a balance of quality and value to our market. 

Why Uniflex-Hydraulik GmbH?  

Uniflex-Hydraulik GmbH has been developing, manufacturing and selling innovative systems for hose assembly production and processing for 45 years. With up-to date and robust technology, UNIFLEX satisfies even the most exacting demands of customers as far as hydraulic crimpers and peripheral equipment for industrial and service companies are concerned – as a manufacturer and a global supplier. 

UG20-240V – Unijoin Hydraulic Crimper >1-1/2” 12VOLT 

This workshop hydraulic crimping machine operates on 230-volt single-phase mains power and is suitable for all fitting types. It works with a crimping force of 190 kN/ton and has a master die length of 100mm. The Unijoin Hydraulic Crimper is a hydraulic worker’s best friend. 

Main Features 

• Proven quality 
• Simple operation 
• Ideal for all fitting types 
• 230-volt single phase for workshop applications 

With simple operation and proven quality, it may just be the answer for all your hydraulic hose crimping needs. Look to BOA to provide some of the best workshop hydraulic hose crimping products on the market.