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Add an additional revenue stream for diesel mechanics across Australasia. Listen to Henry from Precision Hydraulics & Mechanical talk over how he is using the BOA solution to offer his customers a one-stop-shop service to machinery in the forestry, marine, construction, agriculture & viniculture industries. 

By offering hydraulics, hosing, electrical & mechanical repairs, allows his customers to ring one person to do a 3-person job, dramatically reducing their reliance on multiple 3rd party contractors, and increasing their Hydraulic Uptime.

Additional Revenue Stream For Mechanics

About Precision Hydraulics & Mechanical

I'm Henry from Precision Hydraulics & Mechanical here in Marlborough. We service the marine, forestry, construction, agriculture, and viniculture area.  I suppose taking pride in being a one-stop-shop for our customers, not having to ring three people to do something one person can do. 

We turn up and we can do all the hydraulics, the hosing, 12/24 volt electrical, and all your mechanical needs. 

So, we cover the whole Marlborough region starting from Picton, out Awatere to Highway 63 over to Havelock, and out to Seddon pretty much.

 We've got three trucks on the road. Four staff, and one guy based in the workshop. All the guys are being heavy diesel mechanics by trade. We've been in business now for just over a year now.

Pretty rapid growth I guess for a year in business. Starting from out the side of the garage to now having a bit of a workshop and three trucks on the road. Most of us, our background, we've got guys from the ag industry, the viticulture industry, and the construction. And myself from the viticulture and marine and construction, so we cover everyone's needs whether it's barges, boats, diggers, loaders, tractors, harvesters, you name it we'll do it 

What do you think about the BOApod and Our Support?

They've set us up with these trucks that we have here, three of them. They come fully kitted out. But we've also converted them into being able to do everything we do. 

Wouldn't really be where I am today without them to be fair. 

Probably working out these just to make hydraulic hoses is probably the best setup I've ever run. I've worked with a few companies that obviously have their hydraulic hose and fittings but I'd say this is probably top of the line compared to any of that sort of crap that we've run in the past. Quality of the gear as well, it's all bloody good gear. We’re using their Yokohama hose. We only use two-piece fittings as well, just to keep the variety a lot larger. 

Benefits of the BOApod

  • Automatic Reels & drawers: I suppose the key feature would probably be the automatic reels rolling out into the saw there and, mind you, the drawers are pretty good themselves. As well as being all labeled up and bagged as well. Keeps everything nice and tidy and clean, ensuring there's no contamination on any of the gear we work on. 
  • Ongoing Support: So the background support from BOA has been great. You know, getting stuff at a rapid time since all of our work is responsive as hell. The lovely ladies up at the BOA headquarters kept the wheels turning as usual. 
  • Eliminating Downtime: The downtime we save for our customers, being able to turn up on-site, and, you know, we'll be out there doing a service or something and see a couple of hoses that are about to break or starting to weep, we can smack them off and buzz them up another couple of ones and chuck them on before they have any major breakdowns and downtime  
  • Conduct Preventative Maintenance: We obviously do a lot of servicing as well as preventative maintenance schemes for our customers. Running big annual servicing and hourly services as well. This allows us to sort of go over the machines, assess them while we're there, and see anything that's possibly going to break in the next few months and get it underway, get it repaired before any of that sort of carry-on happens. 

The style of the BOApod is a real standout feature, you get people chasing you all around bloody town pulling you over, you know, where'd you get this from, can I get one, how much you know?  

Would You Recommend BOA?

If there are any other regions that haven't set up, I would highly recommend they do look into using BOA. Just the continuous background support and always phoning to see how everything's getting on, and the issues they solve pretty rapidly. Highly advise it! 

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