Our People

Greg Boakes

Director & Visionary of BOA Hydraulics

Greg is a creative right-brain thinker with intuitive innovation in his veins, he has been involved in the heavy machinery business for 35 + years. He loves visionary strategic planning that stretches people to think outside the box, identifying and opening up new opportunities to commercialise. It may not have been developed yet but that’s no barrier. As a Director at BOA, he values and appreciates agile passionate people and a great team culture.

BOA Hydraulics Journey

Watch the Directors of BOA Hydraulics, Greg and Simon Boakes explain our journey developing the BOApod, BOAhub, and our network of hydraulic hose technicians across New Zealand.

In just 15 months, we are able to manufacture 55 BOApods in New Zealand. And along the way, there have been a number of upgrades for the BOApod such as the solar charging, greater storage, and we have also redesigned the oil trays. 

Want to learn more about the BOApod? Step into our state-of-art hydraulic hose repair unit virtual experience here