News 04 Sep 2019

Utilising cost savings and taking back control in tighter times

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The impact of the recent log price slump has been sadly felt throughout the industry.

As recently reported by NZ Herald, FICA Chief executive Prue Younger said about 20 per cent of the association’s membership had made workers redundant or were working on reduced hours. This is almost ironic, as only months ago the industry was challenged by a shortage of workers. These labour shortages along with increased focus on Health & Safety make it important to find the most operational efficiencies as possible.

Efficiencies: Consider taking the time to review your processes and challenge each step with ‘could this be done more efficiently?’. Think about any wastage in your processes such as unnecessary movements of plant, product & people.

Organise and Optimise: Sort the rubbish from the good. Set everything in order. Shine your workspace or keep it clean and organized. Standardise your processes so there is no wasted time. Sustain an organized workplace, take 5 minutes a day to make it happen.

Simply put, this means a place for everything and everything in its place, along with a functional process to ensure this happens.

Analyse. Take time to analyse your expenses and consider where you could reduce costs. This doesn’t mean buying the cheapest of everything, but ensuring you are making great buying decisions based on value for money.

Ask. Be open to feedback from your staff and suppliers, the best ideas are sometimes not the easiest ones to hear, but could be just the action you need.

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