Mobile Hydraulic Hose Crimper

Crimper Tool Type 1
Mobile 12-volt Hydraulic Hose Crimper
Crimper Tool Type 1
Mobile 12-volt Hydraulic Hose Crimper

Mobile Hydraulic Hose Crimper

We offer mobile and portable hydraulic hose crimping machines whether you are in New Zealand or Australia.

What is a Mobile Hydraulic Hose Crimper? 

A crimping machine, also known as a swage machine, is a tool that joins two pieces of material by misshaping one or both of them, binding them together. With a mobile hydraulic hose crimping machine, you can bring it anywhere without any problem, making it a portable crimping machine. 

About Our Hydraulic Crimping Machine 

After comprehensive research and trials, BOA is pleased to partner with Uniflex-Hydraulik GmbH to bring this balance of quality and value to our market. 

The German-made Uniflex mobile hydraulic hose crimper tool is great for any mobile situation. These machines are the perfect fit for BOA’s state-of-the-art, BOApods, our mobile hydraulic hose repair, and maintenance facility. 

Why Uniflex-Hydraulik GmbH?

Uniflex-Hydraulik GmbH has been developing, manufacturing, and selling innovative systems for hose assembly production and processing for 45 years. With up-to-date and robust technology. UNIFLEX satisfies even the most exacting demands of customers as far as mobile hydraulic hose crimpers and peripheral equipment for industrial and service companies are concerned – as a manufacturer and a global supplier. 

UG20-12V – Unijoin Hydraulic Crimper >1-1/2” 12VOLT 

The Uniflex Unijoin Hydraulic mobile crimper tool is suitable for crimping hydraulic hoses up to 1-1/2-inch multi-spiral in mobile or remote situations where a 12-volt power supply is more suitable. 

Main Features 

• Proven quality
• Simple operation
• Ideal for all fitting types
• 12-volt operation, great for mobile or remote applications 

Hydraulic Training Uniflex Endorsed

Our UNIFLEX-Hydraulik GmbH endorsed training program ensures that we train our BOApod users to a high standard of competence. Giving your team the right skills and 'know-how' on hydraulic hose assembly

Accessories for Uniflex Crimping Machine

• UG20-DR – Die Rack to Suit UG20 Crimping Machine: Keep your dies tidy and save them from getting lost. Always have them ready for the quick-change tool! 
UG20-QCT – Quick Change Tool to Suit UG20 Crimper Machine: Save time on die changes with the quick-change tool! 

BOA has many accessories supporting the Uniflex mobile hydraulic hose crimper, including a die rack, quick-change tool, and 12-volt deep cell battery. 

Need a larger mobile hydraulic hose crimper or a handheld hydraulic hose crimper? BOA also stocks a 12-volt crimper, with the capability to crimp 2-inch multi-spiral hydraulic hoses. Enquire today. 

Our hydraulic machinery is available in New Zealand, AustraliaPapua New Guinea, and the Pacific Islands.