At BOA Hydraulics, our complete line of hydraulic hose accessories ensures your productivity and efficiency.

We supply hydraulic hose accessories across New Zealand and Australia. Our wide range of stocks can assist you in keeping your hydraulic hose and equipment protected and clean. 

Our hydraulic hose accessories are Spiral wrap guard protections for your hoses, along with projectile hose cleaning kits, pipe clamps, and many more.

These projectile kits are used to clean hydraulic hoses on the inside to avoid any contamination. You can even kit your team out in BOA apparel keeping you highly visible. See our hydraulics accessories below.

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Hydraulic Hose Protection

Hose Protection.pdf

BOA offers protection for your hydraulic hoses from abrasions & damage, with Spiral Wrap Guard and Fabric Sleeves.

Hydraulic Hose Cleaning Projectile


BOA supplies projectile kits used to clean hydraulic hoses on the inside to avoid any particles being left from the cutting process or storage.

O-Rings & O Ring Kits

O-Rings _ Sealing.pdf

BOA Hydraulics has full range of O rings and O-ring kits cover that you for all your sealing requirements when seating your hose fitting.

Pipe Clamps & Accessories

Pipe Clamps.pdf

Designed as a housing kit for the installation of hydraulic tubing or hoses and other flexible or rigid components.

BOA Merchandise

BOA Merch.pdf

Kit your team out with the latest BOA merchandise, fashionable and functional clothing along with items for keeping the family happy.